Strip Clubs

I’ve wanted to go to a strip club forever - just to see what it’s like - and my husband would never take me.

So, a few weeks ago I got my chance and patronized my first strip club. Well, I didn’t really patronize it. I’m female, so they let me in for free. (This was the Red Garter in Indianapolis, Indiana, for anyone who cares.) I was on a business trip and went with three male co-workers.

There are some questions for the teeming millions below (in case you want to skip this). Here’s my report:

First let me say that it’s a nice, slightly upscale, topless place. Very clean with big, comfortable wing-back chairs, big-screen TVs up high (tuned to ESPN), and three stages (no poles). We were about ten feet away from one of the stages which was surrounded by six sitting men, their faces at stage-level. The first girl comes out and starts dancing (TuPac’s “California”). She had a nice figure, not the most gorgeous face and small breasts. The choreography was pretty much what I expected (from movies), gyrating, bending down, shaking her moneymaker and breasts, etc. What freaked me OUT was when she lay down on her back and put her legs on the shoulders of a guy sitting right next to the stage, then proceeded to basically grind, gyrate and shake her crotch about two inches from the guy’s face. She did this for two or three guys and (from what I could tell) made about $60.00. After the song was over, she came down off the stage and started soliciting lap dances (also unexpected). We watched another girl do her thing and then left.

It was very interesting. I’m glad I went, but I’ve done it now and don’t need to do it again. My husband was pissed when I told him I went because he thinks I’ve destroyed my credibility at work.

**Anyway, are there any other women who’ve been to a strip club?

Does anyone have a funny and/or interesting story about a strip club?

Men who patronize these places regularly: Why?**

Most common question I ask: “What?”
Most common question I get: “Are you really hearing impaired?”

I don’t mind if my husband goes to one, as long as he doesn’t make a habit out of it. My ex used to go at least two to three times a week and then would lie about where he had been. Unfortunately for the dumb doofus, he routinely withdrew money from the ATM machine that was located inside the joint. Like I’ve said before, the man was no rocket scientist. My current hubby has only been inside one maybe half a dozen times in his whole life, and most of the time it was because one of his friends was having a bachelor party there.

But that wasn’t the question asked. I’ve been to a strip joint once. Over in Windsor, Canada, there is a strip joint for the woman (male strippers) that I went to for a bachelorette party. I was too embarassed to go up to the guy and stuff the money down his shorts. I guess it’s different for the guys. My hubby says that he usually just sits in his chair, drinking and occasionally looking at the women. The strip joint I went to had about 100 woman standing up and screaming and hooting at the guys. It was actually pretty funny, watching these women drool and fondle all over the guy.


My husband went to a few in college and says that all the women were really old and nasty… He’s been to one (for a bachelor party, of course) since we’ve been married. I also wouldn’t mind if he wanted to go to one every once in a while.

A traveling male stripper show stopped in Merced, California when we lived out there. I went with a bunch of friends and did exactly what you described, Shadowfox. I’d had a few beers by the time they came out and I WENT NUTS! Grabbing the guys, kissing them, spending money left and right. I don’t trust myself to watch male strippers again - and I don’t have the overwhelming desire to do so again.

My husband says that it suck that the rules are different for men and women. Men are absolutely NOT allowed to touch the strippers.

Most common question I ask: “What?”
Most common question I get: “Are you really hearing impaired?”

My wife went to a strip club once with her creative writing class.

My one experience was a hoot and a half. I was in New York City when someone handed me a flyer, so I decided, “what the hell” and went to visit.

The particular establishment was on the fourth floor; you entered by going up in an elevator. There was a window just outside the elevator, like a ticket booth at the theater, with holes cut into the glass, one at face level. I took a seat at ringside and watched.

The first thing I discovered was that strippers don’t actually strip any more – they shuck all their clothes in about five seconds and dance nude.

One young woman was dancing; she seemed to be enjoying herself and joking with the customers. She moved along the runway until she was dancing in front of me.

That’s when I realized what music was playing in the background: the cantina theme from Star Wars (Doot da Doot da doot da doot).

I couldn’t help it; I laughed. The dancer looked shocked and I assured her I was laughing at the music choice, not at her. She agreed that it was a bad choice.

I stayed a while longer and then decided to leave.

As I waited for the elevator, the stripper I had talked to was waiting, too. As I watched, she leaned to the hole in the ticket window to kiss a woman who was inside the booth. On the lips. Twice.

We rode down in the elevator. “That’s my girlfriend,” she said. “Fine with me,” I said.

I thought it was terribly amusing: all those men thinking about going to bed with her, and not knowing she’d never be interested.

Try The Ten in Indy, it’s a great place to visit. Not a lot of stripping though. I’ve been there so many times I can’t count. It is a definite party and the people are oh so friendly.

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I used to go to Danny’s in Windsor alot (that’s the place where the men get naked). I never got all nutty & stuff, but it was fun.

I’ve seen women dance naked, too. Some are good, some are bad. I wish I had the bodies that some of them do have.

I don’t mind my husband going every once in a while. He swears he doesn’t want to, though. I actually had to twist his arm to get him to go to my uncle’s bachelor party a few months ago. He said he’d be back in about 2 hours or so. He left the house at about 8:30 pm. Rolled in around 1:30 am. I just laughed at him. He’d had a good time. He’s a musician–he’s the one that’s always doing the entertaining. It’s his job. He rarely gets out to be entertained himself.

I used to work in one,and it sucks.Some of the men are lonely,but some were quite nice to talk to.Then there were the ones like jackoff(I neddn’t explain),or the flashers.

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An ex boyfriend of mine lives in Atlanta and he took me to a couple of them. They were very upscale places, most of the dancers were attractive, and it wasn’t a bad time. I didn’t get any real thrill out of it, though. The ex got me 2 lapdances at the 2nd place, though, and that freaked me out a little. I would never have thought that I’d be bothered by something like that, but it’s SUCH a weird situation. Also, it seemed like the dancers touched me a LOT more than they touched any of the guys near me. The second dancer actually sat down next to me after the song ended and chatted about it. She seemed nice, but after we left my ex and I had a disagreement because he insisted she had been hitting on me and I really didn’t think so. I’m still convinced that he just WANTED her to be hitting on me.

Then, earlier this year I bartended at a strip club here in Illinois. This one was definitely NOT as upscale, I’d have to describe it as a dive. I didn’t know what to expect when I started, really, but for the most part it had a MUCH sleazier vibe. (For the record, I wore normal clothes). If it hadn’t been for the other ones I’ve been to I might have thought that ALL strip clubs were just repellant. I didn’t hate it, but it didn’t take me too long to realize I REALLY prefer working at a normal bar.

<img src= align=right>I worked as a dancer at a topless club for about 4 years. I loved it, and I miss it often. Clubs vary to the extreme. There are clubs where the dancers don’t ever dance at the tables, and there are clubs where for an extra $5 you can get a blow job under the table. Mostly it varies by region, but even in the same city clubs can run quite a range. I have two web pages about it, one is my general topless dancing page with a FAQ and so on, Topless Dancing, and one for people who Want to Be a Dancer.
I have lots of stories about my days dancing, as you can probably imagine… I met movie stars and sports heros (and they paid me to see my body!) and I met the scum of the earth. I once slugged a guy in the jaw for licking my butt while I wasn’t looking. Ha. He went to the manager and complained, and they threw him out. Overall though, I love the clubs. I love the vibe (good clubs, not seedy ones) and the music and the dancing… the only thing is now I get all jealous that I can’t hop up on the stage. oh well, maybe after I’ve finished my Jenny Craig thing, I will moonlight on the weekends or something… I really do miss it.

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When my best friend turned 21 I took her to a male strip club (ok, they didn’t go all the way nude). Anyway, I was watching the patrons more than the show. There were old ladies screaming, “Take it off for granny!”. It was hilarious! I saw women screaming and lunging for the men, like they haven’t seen a man in 20 years or something. I got nothing out of watching the men. I think they looked dumb when they did their dancing. In fact, if a man tries to do a striptease in front of me, I laugh at him.

I had more fun flirting with the waiters.

But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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I’ve never been to one. I find the idea of being surrounded by other people when observing something as intimate as a naked woman very offputting.

I’m kind of curious about it, but am pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it - I’m not much of a nightclub type at all, so a nightclub with greasy guys and naked chicks is not my idea of a good time.

However, if a stripper wanted to come over to my place for a private show, I wouldn’t say no. :slight_smile:

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I can’t really explain it, but strip clubs make me sad. I’ve been to one once. On a lunchbreak about five years ago, a couple of my obnoxious co-workers decided to trick me into going to one because I was such a prude. They called me The Effeminate Heterosexual since I am a liberal and I don’t talk about sports or tell dirty jokes.

The only thing positive I got out of the experience was thinking it was kind of funny that the dancers all used window cleaner on the mirror they danced next to. It got kind of foggy after each dance.

It just kind of makes me sad to see a pretty woman getting lusted after by ugly men. This is because I think it would hurt my feelings if it were me or somebody I loved up there. I don’t know why, exactly.

I have a good friend, a sweet, beautiful woman just out of college. She has the personality of an angel. She used to work at an All-Nude Revue. And the men there treated her like a piece of meat. People say “the pay is good” which is probably very true, but the thought of it all still brings me down.

By the way, I … err, have this friend who doesn’t know what a lap dance is. Could you explain it to him?

Well let’s see, was in one tonight. I stumbled into this place a few months back because it happened to be next door to the shop I was dropping my bike off to, and I knew the cab driver would know it. Been back a few times because there’s this one girl whose act I liked. Otherwise, it’d been years since I’d been in one. Most of the time they do nothing for me, as the women look totally disconected from what there doing. But the occasional one will make genuine eye contact.

Now the best time I ever had in one would’ve been about 15 years ago when my girlfriend and I went to a mixed show. It was fun to watch the women all go nuts, since the men are usually trying to out cool each other. She claimed to be too shy to put money in his G-string, but with a lot of encouragement she did, and then licked his belly in the process! Then we went home and rattled the windows, ah memories.

Boris, tell your “friend” that lap dancing is dry humping, in places like San Fransisco they really work up a sweat.

Having been in the business world for lo these many years, I have been to strip clubs on a number of occasions. While I like looking at unclad females as much - maybe more - as the next guy, I have a problem with strip clubs in general. Folks, sex is not a spectator sport - at least as far as I am concerned.
I don’t want to just look at them, I want to…well, you know, touch them.
However my wife will not allow me to fool around with other women. I have pointed out that if I did, it wouldn’t mean anything, it would just sort of be like masturbation. She won’t buy that, or any other argumentI have been able to come up with.

my sister works in a few run by the same management in NJ. they are all relatively nice. the girls do not strip nude and rarely go topless(granted in some outfits they might as well) i go at least once a month or so. there usually are at least 5-10 women customers on any given night and i’ve seen more than 20.(there was actually a line for the ladies room one night) there are tvs all over, usually showing sports,comedy and the like. a couple of the bars have “couch lounges” where lap dances are given upon request. there are 2 poles on stage, one of which comes from a hole in the ceiling, the girls slide down from a room upstairs. i’ve seen onstage showers. i know one dancer that can climb a pole and dance all around the stage with a full glass of water balanced on her head and not spill a drop.
there was one night i was there to pick up my sis en route to a club in NYC when my boyfriend walkd in with a couple of his friends. we would sometimes go together,sometimes meet there, sometimes go solo)I was sitting in front of the lap dance room and my bf jokingly said i worked there,well 5 mins later his friend asked me a question pertaining to the biz and i just laughed my ass off. he was so embarrased but i was flattered.
my bf was the talk of the town that night as i gave him a backrub while he sat at the bar watching the ladies. I think for the most part, and of course they do vary greatly, most are just a bar with very attractive entertainment. Of course I wouldnt want my bf going every night, simply because I wouldn’t want him spending frivilous amounts of money on any other girl, dancer or no. But once in a while with the guys are even with me is just fine.

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The girls had to clean the mirror themselves? That bites. We had men in tuxedos to clean the mirrors when they’d get too many fingerprinnts onnem.

We had poles on the front stage but not the back one, and they were the most fun things in the world. I loved them. Hell I wish I had a pole in my house, I’d excercise more!

While some guys treat women like crap, most of the patrons of the clubs I’ve worked at were very respectful and tended to put us on a pedestal. My husband (UndeadDude) liked picking me up, because he’d see all these guys giving me money, etc, and know that HE got to go home with me. It was awesome :slight_smile:

I also made a lot of very good friends there. I always sat down to talk with the customers, and we’d have conversations about all kinds of things… politics, physics, travel…you name it.

As for the eye contact thing, I know a lot of girls would look totally bored while they danced, and I didn’t understand that. I always made eye contact with whoever I was dancing for… some of them found it a little too intense, actually. I can think of two times offhand where the guy started to cry.

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Opalcat! Making the boys cry! Such a heartbreaker!

Well I don’t know if all the men treated my angelic dancing friend like dirt, but I imagined that it happened often enough to upset me. Actually, she didn’t go into much detail, which perhaps made my imagination run wild a little.

I’ve only been to one club, for someone’s bachelor party, and I found it spectacularly unappealing. I absolutely cannot understand why some guys spend so much money there, because it’s not as if anything new or spectacular is going on.

If you want to see boobs that you can’t touch, go rent a video, or look around on the Internet. If you want to hang around with a bunch of sweaty drunk guys and buy overpriced beer, go watch a baseball game. To combine the experiences in a dark, smoke-filled room, bring a Playboy magazine to a sports bar.

Yeah, there are naked women on stage. Whoop-de-frickin’-doo.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

I didn’t really care for the clubs too much. I only went to them to drop off/pick up Opal, or to see another friend who danced at a club.

But like Opal said, it was definitely a matter of pride to walk out of the club with one of the dancers. :slight_smile: