Ask the Stripper!

Occasionally on here I will mention something about my job and it inevitably follows that some will have questions. In this thread, I welcome any and all questions, although I reserve the right to decline answering anything offensive.

Background: I have worked as a dancer, entertainer, stripper, whatever you like to call it, on and off for 13 years. I am now 33 years-of-age. During the middle part of that I worked in publishing for five years, at which time I only danced occasionally. I quit my job last summer and have been back dancing full-time for the last year. I work at an upscale club in Indianapolis, but have worked in all types of clubs over the years. Yes, I have breast implants. No, I was not molested as a child. :smiley:

Proceed…and if this is not a very interesting topic, I apologize in advance.

Does your family have any strong opinions about it?

Is there any sex in the champagne room?

Yes, they think it is prostitution, lol. And that is why they do not know that I am currently dancing. When I was younger I told them and it was a very big deal and divided us for a very long time. After I stopped the first time no one really ever mentioned it again. It is a don’t ask, don’t tell type of situation.

And my husband is fine with it because he knows I wouldn’t do anything to violate the boundaries of our relationship. He’s a very laid-back person.

Good on ya Indy I like strippers. Dated one for a while. I helped her manage her business end stuff. I mean, she broke may heart and so forth, but the parties (and the sex) were awesome.

It depends on what club you go to, but it doesn’t happen in most upscale places and probably pretty rarely in the majority of clubs. I’ve never seen it, personally. There are always what we refer to as “extras girls” in any club. They are the ones giving more bang for the buck, so to speak. It depends on management how much they will let them get away with.

Lol. Here’s to hoping none of them have become Dopers by some freak coincidence.

How did you originally get into it?

Any famous people come in there? And if so are they all jerks?

I originally got into it just after my sophomore year of college. It was summertime and my friend and I didn’t want to have to move home for the summer, so we decided to try to find jobs. We said if we hadn’t gotten hired anywhere in two weeks we’d go to this club in town. Well, the two weeks went by and we decided to go check it out. Before that I had never even thought about strippers or anything of the sort.

Famous people I’ve met:
–Marilyn Manson and his band, they were nice, but didn’t stay long
–Bandmembers of Slipknot–gave me free tickets to Ozzfest
–Aries Spears from MadTV–standoffish, but not rude, got dances, but didn’t tip
–various Colts and Pacers–some tipped well, others did not
–John Pinette–absolutely awesome and funny, tipped great and bought drinks all night, the most fun I’ve had in the club in a long time
–Al Unser Jr.–wasted drunk and gave me $500 for sitting for 45 min., creepy
I’m sure there are more, but I can’t think of them right now.

Didn’t realize how creepy THAT came off when I was writing it. What I MEANT to say was the freedom with which many of the girls approached their sexuality was refreshing and honest. Made for some really fun times, and I got to know some really neat people by just sitting and talking to them vs. going through the motions.

What’s the best (and worst) experience you ever had working there?

I haven’t been to a strip club in many years but as I remember I seemed to very popular with the women who worked there. I was always ready to give up my money but not really what I would consider alot in any case I always felt they flocked to me due to my being of an unattrative nature. Any opinion on this ?

A couple of questions, if I may:

Are the managers and bouncers sexist pricks like they are in the movies?
Is it more about the looks, or the moves? Could an average looking and dimensioned woman succeed if she can move well, or is her body more important?

Sgt Schwartz

That they flocked to you would indicate that they found something attractive about you. If you weren’t lavishing them with money, were you buying drinks? Those are the top two ways to be popular in the SC. Or, if you were a regular, they may have liked you as their “safety” guy. That is the guy who is an island in a sea of sharks, easy to talk to and non-problematic to sit with when you need a break.

As for my “best” and “worst” experiences, that is difficult to pinpoint. You have to figure I’ve worked hundreds and hundreds of nights. Very few things stand out. But I will say that the best for me is when it is crowded and I go on stage and get a very enthusiastic response from the guys. It’s like the planets are in alignment and everything goes smoothly and it makes you feel like a rock star. By the time you are done the stage is covered in money and guys are lining up for dances. It’s pretty awesome.

And I’d say the worst was losing a good friend who I worked with at that first little bar. She was my first stripper friend and had a tragic life that ended with her crashing into a tree. In my list of regrets, I will always wish I had kept contact with her after moving on. I still have pangs of guilt about that.

For the most part I’ve had good experiences with managers and bar owners. Yet I would say that they are sexist and like to keep control in a way that never seems to work out to dancer advantage. There are differing degrees of this. My favorite was the owner of a club I worked at, the guy was so high strung and stressed that a vein on his forehead would pop out as he was trying to resolve issues and problems with the girls. It seemed like he hated most of them, but really he was just trying hard to run a tight ship, and trying to accomplish that with dancers is like herding cats. I’m still surprised he never had a heart attack.

I’d say looks are about second on the list of important things a dancer should have, the first is personality. Most girls don’t look like Pamela Anderson (in her good years) when you get them out in the light. In fact, SC’s are filled with very average looking women who have good bodies. Smoke and mirrors are a dancer’s best friends. Girls who have exceptional personalities and exceptional looks will always rule the roost, but they are rare. Around here you might find one or two in any given club, but they might be more commonplace in Vegas or Houston, places like that.

What is your favorite song to dance to?

Currently it is *Filthy/Gorgeous * by the Scissor Sisters, but it changes a lot.

I like to sit at the rail, bu not tip. Nothing wrong with that, right? (I keed, I keed)

What is your typical work day like? Do any clubs offer benefits of any kind? Sorry if these sound like dumb questions.