My four year old too big for mommy kisses?

I went to give him kisses the other night and he informed me that he is too big for kisses from mommies. :frowning:
Well, then of course I had to hold him down and kiss him all over his face and told him he couldn’t possibly wipe all of those off.
I only have one baby left to give kisses to. :frowning:

The other night I got him good though. We were playing the wipe off mommy kisses game, and I kissed the palm of his hand and out of a knee jerk reation he went to wipe his face and wiped it right on there.
Much giggling ensued.
I’m not ready for my older three to be teens, and I am not ready to lose my younger two to be big kids. And now we have an imaginary friend named Timmy that goes everywhere with Dylan. Even has his own place at the dinner table. One more thing pulling him away from me.

Sorry guys just having a sad moment realising that they aren’t babies forever.

If it’s any consolation, once they get out of that "trying to be a big kid’ and then later the self-conscience teen stuff, they get to the age where they let you kiss them again. My oldest is almost 20 and now he hugs and kisses me first! A few years ago, it would have been “gross”.

I never grew out of mommy kisses. Mom didn’t stop being mom just cos I got old.

My perfect child, who I’ve mentioned on occasion, still give me a goodnight kiss every night, and still tells me she loves me. This from a 15-y/o!! And when she wants something, I get a big hug and “You’re my favoritest mommy in the whole world!” yeah right…

Then again, we’re a kissy/huggy family - so I guess she comes by it honestly. It was disconcerting the first time I saw her kiss her b/f, tho.

They do grow up too doggone fast…

Last night I was changing my almost 2-year-old’s diaper. It was just the two of us at home, and I chose that moment to indulge myself in a less than ladylike belch.

He looked up at me and said, “Bless you.”

Yikes. Not only is he not a baby anymore, I have to learn to mind my manners!

I agree with Diane. He will outgrow this phase. I told my little one that he must really like my mommy kisses, cuz he was rubbing them in rather than wiping them off.

Kinda hurts, doesn’t it? Just take his lead…at this age he’ll still want to curl up in your lap and at different times accept kisses. When he gets a little older he’ll tell you that he’s not going to call you “Mommy” any more - that’s baby talk. Then he’ll say he’s too old to have you hold his hand while crossing the street. Then he’ll ask you to drop him off around the corner from where he’s meeting his friends. And then one blessed day he’ll surprise you with a huge hug and kiss out of nowhere. If you’re very lucky, this will start in mid-teens and last forever.