My friend is in a crunch and I need to western union him money. what info do I need?

He’s somewhere in Sedona, Arizona and needs some money for a bus ticket home. This is the first time I’m using western union.
First, can I use a credit card to transfer money or does it have to be cash?
Second, What do I need to provide in terms of the address of pickup, his name, city, what else?
Third, What will the charge be to WU $100?
And finally, how long do these transactions usually take to complete?

As for your third question, there’s also a form on that same page that tells me that the fee to send $100 from Illinois is $20.

Ask him what bus service he intends to use. Look thme up on the web and call their 800 # and see if you can buy the ticket for him over the phone using your credit card.