My friends are moving to Denver. I'm going boarding!

So…some good friends of mine are, for reasons that I can’t explain, moving from sunny South Florida, to to the Glendale area near Denver Colorado.

The bad news is I’m going to have to find a few new people to drink with.
The good news is I can finally take some snow boarding lessons without feeling like I’m killing a ski trip. I enjoy skiing, and have a hard time taking time out of my one week every year or two to experiment with snow boarding.

So…why am I telling you this? Besides the fact that you look like you care…I need to know what the close by options for ski mountains are. I know I can go an hour and a half or two hours and hit places like A-Basin and Breck…but if I’m spending the day on the bunny hill, I don’t need to go that far and spend that much.

Is there anything closer?

Check out Eldora. I know little about it other than it is there. And that you can take a bus from downtown Boulder to Eldora and back. They may have other buses, too.

My daughter went there once and took snowboarding lessons. She said she had fun.

If you’ll be staying down in Glendale, then you’re probably closest to Loveland. It’s on I-70, on top of the tunnel, and probably an hour from South Denver. That makes it about 30 minutes closer than A-basin. Eldora is good, but you’d spend 45 minutes driving to Boulder, and then another 45 minutes up to Nederland. Loveland has a good ski school, and you can spend the morning on the bunny slope, and then cross the street to the big mountain in the afternoon for long green runs to test your new skills.