My friend's dog died.

Her name was Zoe, she was a miniature dachshund. One of four my friend (and co-worker) Ivy owns.

Poor Ivy. She got the news at work yesterday and just lost it.

I cried with her, stayed with her, helped her write a couple of e-mails and get her stuff together so she could go home.

At the top of her mind (after her poor doggie) she was so worried that people were laughing at her for being upset about “just a dog.” I told her that anyone without sympathy just doesn’t understand; our dogs are our family.

Please keep my friend in mind during this time of grief.

I cant imagine anyone saying, “Oh, it’s just a dog”, but I had a co-worker who claimed that’s how he would feel if his (hypothetical) dog ever died.

Pets are true wonders for the soul, and sounds like you are a true friend for her. Anyone who loses something that they are emotionally tied to, shouldn’t have to worry about what others may think.

Thanks rubesbaby - you’re so sweet.

I understand completely.

I had always thought that when the late great springer spaniel Miss Emily died, Mr. S would be the one who went bonkers, because she and he had such a strong bond. Nope – it was me. I work at home, so I felt the hole the most, I think. I couldn’t work for several days; just wandered around the house in various stages of crying. I would periodically lie down on the carpet in her favorite place in the hallway, trying to feel her presence. I called a client to explain why I was going to miss a deadline; I tried to hold it together but broke down on the phone. (Boy, was that embarrassing.) Since I was home, I had to be the one to pick up her ashes from the crematory, which was traumatic for more reasons than you might think (and which I won’t go into here). I gathered pictures and videos of her and looked at them over and over again.

So no, I don’t think your friend is crazy for crying. Dogs are often closer to us than our human friends and family.


A hug for Ivy and my deepest sympathies on the loss of her family member.

When we choose to love something that we know we will most likely outlive, we do it with the knowledge that we will someday face a broken heart. That doesn’t ever make it any easier. And yet, as animal lovers we do it over and over again. I will give my doggie extra hugs and treats tonight in honor of Ivy’s baby.