My friend's dog ran off. What can I do?

One of my friend’s two dogs has been gone for a week. He and his wife have made the right calls, posted 300 fliers. She has tags, so there shouldn’t be a problem finding them if someone has the dog. No response. Is there anything I can do to help? He is really depressed about it, as you other dog owners can probably understand.

Thanks for the ideas.

I am sure they have called vets, shelters etc. I think the big thing that most people forget to do is visit every store that sells pet food in the area (especially the small ones) show every person working there the flier, so if someone has the dog, and comes in to buy a new leash, collar, food etc, that store employee might put the two together.

I would go into every shelter and look at the dogs they have there, sometimes one person’s idea of what say a lab mix looks like, and another person’s idea are not the same.

Do they have a tie out? I have an elderly sibe that took off once, I tied another dog up oustide over night after she had been gone for a week, and the next morning she was sleeping beside the tied up dog.

Is the dog shy, or really friendly with new people?

If the dog is shy, another thing they might want to think of is renting a large live trap and leaving food in it, I caught a stray rottie in one of those once, they work well if the dog hasn’t been eating elsewhere.

Did they take out a lost add in the paper, with a picture?

And sometimes having tags on a dog is not enough so they should not only put up fliers, but start going door to door, asking if anyone has seen the dog.

Good luck!

Here’s a couple links with suggestions on how to organize a lost pet search. If they can get a group of folks to search in the area of where the dog was lost, that can be very helpful. Many dogs don’t go more than a mile away from home.