My friends list is sad. You have a PS3? Wanna post your ID here?

Tried posting this in a gaming forum but just got made fun of :frowning: I don’t know what I did wrong. But I’ll try again here.

I got a PS3 some time ago, but being a female who has mostly female friends who aren’t interested in video games, my friends list is pretty empty - only 2 people. I wouldn’t mind having a few on there to do multiplayer with/compare trophies etc.
If you want to, post your PSNID and games you have.

My info -

PSNID: RueMcLanahan

Games: Mirror’s Edge, Metal Gear Solid 4, Oblivion


ID: NoPepperGames
Multiplayer games: LittleBigPlanet, Fat Princess (if the demo counts)

I need to get more MP games… Maybe Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

I don’t have any of the games you do - but my PSN ID is Morganthaler.

MP I play GTA4, Uncharted 2… I have Borderlands but haven’t tried MP yet. I do have Mirror’s Edge - the MP is more of the “compare your scores,” right?

I’ve got two IDs I use at various times – I don’t remember why.

Jack-Mike and MortTheWart

I’ve got tons of games. GTA4; Modern Warfare 2; World at War; FIFA 10; Madden 09; The Show 09; Mirror’s Edge; Uncharted 2; Ghostbusters; probably 10 or 15 more, I can’t even remember them all.

Sure, I’m game. I got one in December, and I’m sadly sitting at 0 friends. Username should be Koldanar there as well; have to confirm at home tonight.

I’ll point out that if you venture into a MP game and enjoy yourself/notice other decent human beings participating, you can go back to your home screen and send a friend request to people you were playing with. It helped immensely when I was platting LittleBigPlanet - you can spend forever waiting for a game to fill up, or you can send a quick request to that guy who knew how to make that jump yesterday to join you.

I’m HokeyPokey11 I barely ever play games online, but hey, it’s nice to have friends and compare trophies.

Not sure if US and Euro accounts mix, but if so, my ID is Aghris. Games I own:

Ratchett and Clank - A Crack in Time
Assassin’s Creed
Metal Gear Solid 4
Arkham Asylum
Sacred 2

Any of you can add me. MaddMaxx51. Jut put SDMB in the message so I know where i know you from.

Thanks guys! I’ll add you tonight :slight_smile:

PSN ID: TRU_Lunchy

Not if you don’t have a Slim…

For those unaware, PSN went tits up last night for everyone with a PS3 “Fat” model. Can’t log in, can’t play your DLC, can’t access your trophies. It’s somehow connected to the internal clock, as most systems have been reset to 12/31/1999. It’s thought to be some sort of leap year bug, as the computer didn’t know what to do without a 2/29/2010 to go to. I dunno. I was trophy scavenging last night, and hope that when I can log in again they’ll register.

Update : My ID is Koldanar3 for anyone that would like to add me :slight_smile:

I feel like a bit of a fool – after the the events that led to my getting a PS3, I set it up and went to connect it to the web. Quoth my X-Box-worshiping/Sony-hating friend, “See, that’s another reason why the PS3 sucks – you have to use an ethernet cable. It doesn’t support a wireless connection”.

“Wow,” I thought, “That does suck. Oh well…”

It was just this week that I discovered that my friend is a complete idiot, and the PS3 most certainly does have wireless capabilities. Shame on me for taking him at face value.

Anyway, I’m now online – my ID is Hal_Briston (go figure). I haven’t played anything online yet except for Rock Band 2.

Ha! Well, it doesn’t support having to pay an additional $100 for a wireless connection…so he was partially correct.

Wireless… and bluetooth.

That happened to me too. When I bought mine a few years ago, I went with the cheapest model possible, and I could have sworn that meant no wi-fi. I even have a weak memory of the Best Buy flunkie telling me that. No worries, sez I, I had things ethernetted left and right, got a nice cheap hard-wire router, etc. and every thing was jake.

Then one weekend I trudge it up to my parents house so my visiting nephew could taste the thrill of PS3. Gee whiz, damn the luck, there’s pretty much no way I can get a cable modem near the TV at mom and dad’s house. Oh well, no online play.

Cut to me shocked to see my nephew configure the friggin’ thing to my dad’s wi-fi signal.

Cut to me pleased a second time because I just moved into a new place and I have an office now, so no more mega-media complex like I used to have (I used to have every electronic doo-dad I had (TV, computer, console, etc) all within 5 feet of each other).

I’m all wireless and shit now.

If you were an early adopter - yeah, that was the case. The 20gb release console didn’t have wifi while the 60gb did. It did have backwards-compatibility, though.

PS3 ID: DeafAngelboy23

Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Resistance 2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2

I wasn’t that early. I think I bought in after they were out for about a year or so. So that’s why I thought I had no wi-fi. In fact, it was probably a good year after I bought it that the above incident took place. I didn’t even know I had the option.