My friends might be breaking up.

Ok, my two best friends have been dating since 11th grade. I came to Philly for college and they stayed in the local area to stay together. But she joined a sorority and they are very distant now.

He is upset because he never gets to see her, and now he is pissed at me because we were the only two people he had and now he is being ignored by his girlfriend and I am an hour away.

So what should I do? What do I do if they break up? They are both my best friends, and I’m scared and confused.

All you can do is remember that both of them are your friends. At some point, each one will probably bash the other in front of you. Listen, accept, but don’t necessarily agree. Let them know that you know things went sour between them, but he/she’s still your friend, too, and you’re not going to take sides. Be there for either one of them, they may need it.

My friends broke up a couple of weeks ago. My advice is not to take sides but to be there for both of them.

And I’ve just read the post above mine… never mind!