My gf and i met kreayshawn at pride

shes kinda flat, her friends came up after and grabbed her arms and tried taking off the band aids she was wearing on her titties lol


What’s a kreayshawn? :confused:

Never stop, Straight Dope.

Serious question time: I’m not the only one doesn’t have the dimmest idea what he’s talking about, right?

Kreayshawn From Wikipedia:

Here’s the one song I know from her.

Nope. You’re not the only one.

What’s this about band-aids on the titties?

I’m not sure, but I bet there was a link to a picture we’re not supposed to look at from work, so I’m certainly not going to go Googling for it.

Props, however, to the OP for realizing he shouldn’t have posted the link, and deleting it before the edit window expired. And possibly Grand Bull Moose Winner of the Unpronounceable Username Award.

Easily googlable.

yeah sorry didnt realize, all she was wearing a the pride parade was band aids on her tits

lol it was funny her flailing around when her friends grabbed her arms and tried snatching off her band aids, she was soo red

If you Google for “kreayshawn band aids”, the first hit is this very thread, and all the rest seem to be spurious.

pm’d you the link

Yeah, thanks,** kkk-ody-riley**, for sharing enough info with us that we could figure out what you were talking about.

(I hope you’re not married: “Hey, where are you? I texted ‘jitney tires akimbo’ half an hour ago!”)

I’m closing this since it seems to be pointless. Much more than the forum name allows.

If you can write an OP that is sensible, understandable, and coherent, you can try again…but please make it clear what you’re referring to or talking about.