My grandfather has cancer

I just found out yesterday, and I’m a wreck. Nobody told me! My mother hadn’t gotten around to telling me yet, and my grandparents assumed she had already told me. I was at their house yesterday, and my grandfather starts casually talking about going to the Mayo clinic in two weeks. Cautiously, I asked if he had cancer, and my grandmother was shocked that nobody told me.
I’m super close to my grandparents, and I’m not ready to deal with their mortality. They helped raise me when my single mom was going to college etc. They’re like more parents to me. When I was told about the cancer, I felt like someone punched me in the stomach.
My grandfather has prostate cancer, and he says that it’s very treatable, and he’s probably not going to die from it. He said he’s much more likely to drop dead from a heart attack, but that doesn’t make me feel any better either.

Listen to Grandfather. Prostate cancer is highly treatable. I know LOTS of people who have survived it. The treatment isn’t too horrible if it’s caught early. Get a grip child! Grandpa needs you to be strong! Good luck!!!

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