My grandfather's ship is sinking on Wiki's front page.

It’s not often my Wiki inroads catch me off guard, but right now, they have a featured article on the Battle of Savo Island, August 8–August 9, 1942. The picture shown is of the USS Quincy CA-39 as it burns and sinks, having been hit by the Japanese. Somewhere in the water around that sinking ship is a young Marine who will someday be my grandfather, treading water and trying to help those around him he can reach, most likely. Sharks are circling in the water, and though he never would tell us details, I know from National Geographic’s story years ago that some casualties came from shark attack. There were 389 souls lost from the Quincy; total American casualties over a thousand in a scant few hours.
I didn’t expect to see all of this tonight, but that’s life, isn’t it? Doesn’t make me sad at all, just a head-shaker. He wasn’t the nicest human, Grandpa, but still a family link to history.

I am sure that was awful for them, and for you now. My sympathies.

Grandpa was a hero, and today is the perfect day to remember him as one.

Hats off to you, your family, your grandad and all the brave kids that kept us independent and proud.

Aside from the fireworks, the BBQ, the beer and such, this brought home what today means - not just 231 years ago, but every year since.

A nice memory. It just points up how difficult it is to truely judge a person w/o understanding their past experiences and how often we are quick to make those judgements that are so often too simplistic.