My grandmother is back in the hospital

She was taken at 6am to the ER from the nursing home she is residing at. The Nursing home thunks she may have pancreatitis. I’ll know more when I stop at the hospital. At 3:30 she was still not in a room. My mother didn’t find out about the transfer until she tried to call my grandmother

How’s she doing?

I am sorry to hear your news. May whatever gods there be, be with you and your family.

Sorry for the late reply but I was out helping a friend.

As of 6:30 she is what I like to call MIH (Missing In Hospitial). I’m sure the hospitial knows where she is just they can’t tell us when my uncle was there.

Around 5:30 I arrived at the ER to see if they were admitting her and the agent I spoke to couldn’t disclose anything to me. She told me that my grandmother was in bed 44 in the ER waiting area. I walk there and bed 44 is empty. Well the bed isn’t empty but the area is and there is no bed. I ask at the nurses station and I was told I had to wait for nurse X to come back and she would update me.

About 10 minutes later I meet nurse X and she tell me my grandmother has been sent for testing and she does not know when she will be back. She said she will be admitted but doesn’t know if she will be in a room tonight or back in 44.

I ask her if someone can call us if she either gets a room or comes back to 44 and was told they are so busy they would not be able to call us but we can call to see if there is any update about where she is but they can’t give more info oput over the phone for privacy reasons.

I thank her and leave. As soon as I got outside and turned on my phone I went to call my mother. At the same time my phone rings, it was my mother calling me wanting to know if I was at the hospitial. I say I was just leaving and tell her what I was told. My mother informed me that she as told my grandmother would be in room XXX. I told my mother that was different that what I was told and went home.

At 6:30 my uncle called from the hospitial looking for my mother. I told him she was out. He told me that my grandmother is not in the room they are assigning her and she is not in #44 either. He was going home also.