My grandson exhibited at the Met

The NY Metropolitan Museum has an exhibit of art by NYC schoolchildren: Unfortunately, his is the 46th picture on the web site. But if you care hit the right button 46 times. It is titled “Sphere” by Jacob White, grade 4.

Cool. Your grandson is a budding minimalist. (I see there is also a work by Tenzi Seldon, who I presume is no relation.:wink:

But I can’t resist quoting Stephen Wright:

That’s awesome! Congratulations to you and your grandson.

When I went to the Met three years ago with my daughter and her family, he took along a sketchbook and spent an hour in the sculpture garden sketching one statue. People stopped and watched this 7 yo doing this.

Congratulations to you and your grandson

Hey! MY art teacher didn’t let me use an eraser to draw! :mad:

I like it, although I must say I’m not really getting the loneliness of the sphere. Maybe it’s a happier sphere now it’s been shared?

Congratulations to you both! It’s a great day, and it sounds like your grandson has become inspired. Well done to your family.

Impressive! The only exhibition I could do at the Met would get me arrested. And laughed at.

Send my congratulations to Jacob!

I am quite impressed with his art. I did feel the darkness and loneliness of the sphere when I was looking at it.