My green backpack...

My trusty, faithful, steadfast green L.L. Bean backpack died today. It finally, after nearly six years of service, carting my schoolbooks and various camping equipment, gave out. The zippers completly tore off on the main pocket. They were unable to be fixed.

Sure, I could deal when the front mini-pocket tore off. It was useless anywho.

But today was the last straw.

I will miss my green backpack so very much. It had accompanied me to every school day for the past 6 years.

It was there on my first day of 5th grade…when I was new to the school and didn’t know anyone…but I had my green backpack.

It was with me on my many trips to Washington, England, and Barbados. It held my supplies every year at my art camp at the college. It carried our food supplies on my island camping adventure with my bestest friends in the whole world. It carried every last school assignment I’ve had over the years, art projects, and on one occasion, my cat. It had perfectly conformed to my slightly arched back and the straps had molded to my shoulders.

Over the years it also bore the scars of my zealousness with sharpie pens, bearing such silly inside jokes such as “Kookalala Bird”, “Felix” and the ubiquitous references to other sillyness.
Yes, I will miss my green backpack so very much. A little peice of Kbean - ness is gone.

Yeah! My green Eddie Bauer backpack mocks your L.L. Bean pack! 9 years and running, baby. This sucker isn’t going to quit - I can have a 1/5 of Captain Morgan spill down the inside, have 25 3rd graders trample all over it, send it all over this country, cart thousands of pounds of books in it, and still maintain 95% structural integrity.

In your face!

True true…yes 'tis sad but clearly you understand how backpacks like that sorta become part of your necessary gear …

perhaps I ought to investigate a better one…any suggestions?