My hair is full of skin and pus (TMI)

I have a sunburned scalp. It is not good. Some parts are itchy, other parts are blistered. If I scratch the itchy bits, flakes of skin come off and I accidently pop the nearby blisters with my fingernails. Now there are big, horrible lumps af dried pus with dead skin inside them all over my head. I’m going to go wash my hair now…

Nasty. Very,very nasty.

Oh my. Thank you so much for sharing that bit of information.

Hoo boy.


If they’re sunburn blisters, they shouldn’t be filled with pus but with a clear fluid. Therefore, I suggest you see a Dr-type person because they may well be infected.

Oh, and eeeeeewwwwwwww.

You might just want to go ahead and shave your head and take it to a doctor…

Been there.

What hell.

Don’t scratch.

[Cat from Red Dwarf]
His head burst…
[/Cat from Red Dwarf]

May I suggest some sort of MEDICATED shampoo?

What a time to not have a barfing smilie.

Um, d’ya think?

I had a similar experience when I applied Epi-Gone or some sort of solution that was supposed to remove unwanted hair. You may have seen the commercials, a person sprays this on half of his chest, and five minutes later, rubs his hair off with a towel. In my case, I just received chemical burns, and my hair was still there. I think some were pus filled as well.

Neosporin is your friend

If you go with Neosporin, just use the regular stuff…I’ve seen some nasty reactions to prolonged use of the maximum strength kind (an ex-boyfriend’s ear piercing, if you must know :slight_smile: ).