My Hair Won't Grow!!

About 3 years ago, I chemically straightened my hair. It didn’t grow at all (or so it seemed) for about 5 months, and then in the span of a week it grew an inch. Since then, it has hardly grown. Before straightening my hair, it grew about an inch a month. Now it grows an inch a year.

I haven’t put any more chemicals in it, I don’t blow dry it often, and I rarely get trims.

While I doubt that there’s any magic potion that can motivate my hair to grow again, does anyone have any suggestions as to why this happened and how I could stop it?


It is highly unlikely that your hair has stopped growing (i.e. that the follicles are no longer producing new hair.) It is more likely that hair being broken off is making your overall hair length seem to stay about the same.

You might also have reached the natural limit of your hair. Any given hair follicle only produces hair for a limited amount of time, during what’s called the anagen phase. Then it quits. That’s why you don’t have three-foot-long hair on your arms. For a few months, during the telogen phase, nothign happens. After a few months, the follicle goes throug a catagen phase, and a new hair begins to grow, and the old hair gets pushed out. Maybe you’ve just reached the natural limit of your hair length. That’s the stage that I’m at. My hair is heathy, but it hardly seems to “grow” because most of my follicles shut off before the hair gets longer than what’s already on my head. Maybe your follicles have an unsually long telogen phase, so that much of your hair is the hair that was chemically treated, so it’s still brittle and subject to breaking off.

If you aren’t getting any trims, you have long hair, right? Try cutting it short (maybe in a hidden area, if you want to keep your hair long), and watch it grow.

You’d think my hair would be long, wouldn’t you?

IT’S NOT EVEN SHOULDER-LENGTH!!! :frowning: This better not be its limit! The longest it’s ever been is to my chest. I’ve always wanted long hair, but my hair is too wavy and unruly, so I straightened it. Then I had split ends up the wazoo and cut it. And ever since… sigh.

My hair is pretty healthy. It’s thick and wavy, too, but I will NOT straighten it ever again. I still have split ends, but I’m holding off on cutting them.

Another thing that will keep your hair from getting longer is the split ends you are talking about and the kind of damage that chemical processing does to your hair.

I’m not a hairdresser, but I have very fine, thin and fragile hair, so I’ve some experience. I recommend that you get some deep-conditioning treatments, and some conditioner that helps split ends (IIRC, there’s a leave-in conditioner that’s good for that) and keep your hair well-conditioned.

Another thing you can do is to get aerobic exercise - this encourages increased blood flow to all parts of your body, including your scalp, which encourages hair growth. Are your fingernails also growing slowly?

My fingernails grow very quickly, actually. I’m going in for a trim today. I have Infusium 23 Leave-In treatment for damaged, unmanageable hair. My hair isn’t that damanged or unmanageable, but it definitely calms it down.

I’ve started working out- hopefully this helps.

Maybe I’ll try some Pantene Pro-V or VO5 hot oil treatments. Thanks for all the help!

I am not a nutritionist or a hair dresser, and these are only recommendations. YMMV

Eating well and taking a vitamin supplement may help. Especially make sure you’re getting a good amount of folic acid in your diet. Folic acid (aka Folate) seems to stimulate hair and nail growth. Since your nails grow quickly, I am inclined to think that maybe you may be doing alright there.

Another thing that might help is using a shampoo brush to gently massage yourscalp for a few minutes a day (ie when you are shampooing). This will stimulate the scalp and promote better circulation to get your follicles producing healthier hair.

Do you blow-dry your hair? If you do, then stop. The heat and whipping around caused by a blowdryer can cause the hair to be brittle, increasing breakage. If you absolutely must use a blow dryer, use it on the lowest setting you can for the shortest period of time you can. Personally, my “hairdryer” is a big, thick terrycloth bathrobe that I wear when I get out of the shower. It takes longer for my hair to dry, but it stays healthy longer, too.

That brings up another point: Towel-drying. Don’t vigorously dry your hair with a towl,but gently pat and wring it dry. This is less stressful to the hair strands.

[sub]Bet you never though you would be taking beauty tips from a heterosexual man, huh?[/sub]

lol. Thanks, Meephead. I forgot to go get my trim because I wound up taking a 3 hour nap. Oh well.

I’ll look into that shampooing brush and try to get more folic acid.

Thanks, Zyada & Podkayne. I’d forgotten how helpful everyone is on this site. :slight_smile:

When I saw the title of this thread on the Message Board, I wondered why LemonGirl WANTED her hair to growl - I mean that could be annoying, if it growled at the wrong person or something. Now if you could control it, then, if used at the right time could be quite effective. “A screamer? no, she’s a growler!”

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