My hamster pees milky white

He strong as a bull, healthy as a horse, but his piss resembles watery ejaculate. I suspect it’s normal. The why and wherefores elude. Your input appreciated below.

I had a hamster just recently and never saw this. There are a few good MBs out there that give some good advice on these type of problems, though the URLS escape me at the moment.

Try Googling “Hamster Care website message board forum”

Seems that milky urine is normal:

Ice Wolf has it right. Ours pees a milky yellow, but Mrs. O tells me it’s normal. If you’re still not sure, though, check with a small animal vet in your area.

Huh…now that I think of it, I don’t recall seeing the urine. He just ‘went’ in the wood shavings and that soaked it up…

Where is your hamster peeing?

I did’nt have a hamster, but i have had a guinea pig, and when mine did that, it was normal.