My Hard Drive Blows

I have two hard drives. One is slow, and old. The second is a 7200 rpm 80 GB Western Digital Hard Drive. It failed, so i sent it in to Western Digital. I got it back today.

I turned off the computer, grounded myself, plugged the drive onto the eide cable, put both drives on cable select, put in the power cord, and started up the computer. I am running windows xp pro, and it detected the drive, and installed a microsoft driver. It recognizes the hard drive under the device manager, but no where can i access it.

Is this a formatting problem? Or do i need drivers? Please help!

Ok, i sorta answered one of my own questions, which brings in a new one… I have found, using a Program called Swiss Knife, that it needs to be formatted to ntfs, to work with xp pro. How can i convert it from nothing to ntfs? Anyone know any windows based programs that let me do this?

xp pro formats to NTSF…doesnt it? That’s the program that does it far as I know.

“My Hard Drive Blows”

Damn…and I thought you just invented the best computer EVER for single guys surfing the net alone on a Friday night…

I assume that your unformatted 80G drive is a slave drive and you’re booting WinXP from your slower drive? If this is the case, then you need to go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Management->Disk Management. There, you’ll see a table listing all of your physical/virtual harddrives and cd drives. Right click on the unformatted drive and you’re away to the races.

Good luck!

That did the trick! Thanx! (Guess i should become more familiar with some of XP’s abilities…)

FYI - XP can use NTFS or FAT32. NT 4.0 was the last version of NT restricted to NTFS only. 2000 (aka NT 5.0) and XP (aka NT 5.1) both can use either file system.