My head feels like it's going to explode

This is the worst headache I’ve ever had. Damn sinuses. Feels like my head is locked in a vice while some sadist pounds it flat with a sledgehammer.

Took some tylenol. Didn’t do a damn thing. Can’t take asprin or advil till the stiches heal.

Would’ve stayed home if I felt like this when I got up this morning. Can barely focus on work. Good thing I’ve got a simple project to do today, but I’m still going to have to check everything over again tomorrow cause I know I’m making mistakes.

Keep having to drink water too. So dehydrated and stuffed up. I hate allergies.

Only an hour to go till I can go home and lie down. Hope the wife doesn’t have anything she needs me to do tonight.


Sorry to hear that. I can relate - changes in pressure often set up migraines for me, less often sinus headaches. Thank Og I’ve never had both of them at the same time.

Want some Vicodin? Tylenol is for babies. :wink: