My High school didn't have cool things like this made

Picture of a high school’s relationships between students.

So there are some funny places. Imagine the big Ring of Love as a clock, and at about 2 o clock, there’s a guy who’s hooked up with 9 girls. A little further, we see some guys together, and the same at 7:30. Two bi girls in the C to the right.

I only found these because I was complaining to the person who showed me this that the gays were underrepresented, so we searched for them.

Two bi guys between seven and eight on the big “clock” too.

Interesting, but I can’t imagine it’s too accurate.

My guess is if they saw two people of the same sex together they assumed it was platonic.

If you read the fine print you’ll note that the relations reported all occurred within six months of the interview.

Nine girls in six months, in high school. I hate this boy so very, very much.

Gyrate, why do you hate that boy?

You don’t know a thing about him.

It was an (obviously failed) attempt at humor, contrasting his success with girls to my implied lack of success during my high school years.

I wonder how many solo dots there were.

… and more importantly, why they weren’t shown!

More info:

At high school, we were given a talk by a local sexual-health worker. They’d done a similar study, triggered by one underage girl diagnosed with multiple STDs. It turned out that she’d had unprotected sex with ten men in the previous fortnight. When you look at it that way, it’s not so enviable.

That girl in the diagram second from the left, second from the bottom is a little slut.

The child starts high school on Wednesday.

Thank you for this thread :smiley: