My hometown is in the top ten in the nation

. . . in prescriptions written for a certain prescription pain medicine.
That’s according to this article in the local paper.
Though Ms Hook and I haven’t lived there for over 30 years we still feel that small, special blush of pride in sharing this magic moment.

Actually when we lived in Scioto Co., Ohio was okay. General standard of living was probably well above average, crime was there but not outrageous. I liked growing up there. Then in the late 60s the biggest employer (a steel mill) shut down. That layed off something like 5,000 people and the area just never recovered. IMHO it’s steadily gotten worse. Kinda sad.

I wonder why they wouldn’t name the drug? I’m sure it’s Oxycontin, but why hide it? Also, why aren’t they going after the doctors who are prescribing all of it?

Oh, no doubt it’s Oxycontin - the infamous Hillbilly Heron. My wife’s family, who all still live in the area, tell us use there is out of control. There was a doctor in Portsmouth who ran a ‘pain clinic’ of such proportions that he was at one time the nation’s largest Oxycontin perscription writer.
I think he’s now doing time.