My Husband is Coming! My Husband is Coming!

All the way from Vancouver, BC; 3 days, 1 hour by Greyhound! I haven’t seen him for 1 year, 9 months, 1 week, 5 days. At least, that’s how long it will be when he arrives on September 4th. I’m so happy & excited that I just had to burden all you strangers with it, because there aren’t enough people IRL for me to bore with it. Don’t get me wrong, I have bored them all with it, but I need a wider audience, and lucky you, you’re it!

There is other good news. My bankruptcy has been handled, and now, so have my tax issues. Which means now I can start rebuilding, and saving to apply for his permanent visa. We’ve been married for 4 years, so I think we don’t have to bother with the temporary stage, but even if we do, we are so much farther ahead now! I’m so happy! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Dance with me people! (we need a happy dance smiley!)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives. Thank you for your support.


Alright ma’am, I’m going to issue you with a temporary :slight_smile: , which we use for situations where we’re not entirely sure what you’re talking about. It’s just a formality but you can exchange it for a permanent :slight_smile: once we have a little more information. I’ve looked over your post and everything seems in order, so I’m happy to give you a HOORAY! and one of these special YABBADABBADOO!s that have just been introduced.

Have a good day.

Well, I guess we won’t be seeing you on the boards for a while. :wink:

Have fun, and try not to disturb the neighbors too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what’s his name? Mike?

CRAP! hide me!
Disclaimer: I am not really haivng an affair with GillianBoardman; I do not even know GillianBoardman, nor have I particularly noticed her before today. It’s a joke. Just a joke. Really.

Remember to keep hydrated. I suggest having a good supply of gatorade nearby.

And make sure you’re wearing loose, clothes with velcro or zippers, so you don’t have to replace buttons later.

And whatever you do, at the crucial moment remember not to yell out “Hi Opal!”
Seriously, good luck with the visa and have a good visit.

RE: the thread title-

Does he have that Enzyte Bob grin on his face?


Is his name Mike? Is he coming home from Mars? (Or to Mars?)

Holy cow, when I first read the thread title, I assumed you were the Queen of Mulit-tasking. :smiley:

Congrats & have fun.

Nah, he’s prob’ly just breathing hard. :wink:

Well, as usual, I wasn’t thinking of double entendres when I chose the title. I was thinking more along the lines of Paul Revere, actually…but decided not to shout that the Canadian was coming…because I used to lecture his stepchildren about referring to Glenn that way. Now of course it is all funny and silly, and when they know he is coming to visit they play the Canadian national anthem as he walks in the door, (There is a CD in the local library, they didn’t buy a copy to tease him with.) Although his name is not Mike, he most certainly is a stranger in a strange land when he’s here, because he was born & bred in Nova Scotia. I don’t think we speak the same English sometimes, LOL!

Why on Earth haven’t you seen your husband in almost 2 years?!? :eek:


That is a very long time to not see your husband. I hope you get everything settled so you can be together. My husband has been in Iraq for the last 11 months so I understand. You must be thrilled!

Mixed marriages, particularly between Canadians and United Statesians, can be… awkward… it’s kind of tricky arranging conjugal visits, particularly when there are, apparently, children involved. And that whole “having jobs 2,000 miles apart” thing is kind of a pain, too.

Sorry for the delay, sometimes I’m actually supposed to get some work done. :wink:

Very bad financial decisions on my part, which never allowed us to save up the money needed to apply for his visa so he could be here legally. Which is not to say that he wasn’t here, we lived together for 3 years before I simply couldn’t support both of us anymore, and since I wasn’t willing for him to risk deportation by trying to find an under the table job, eventually we were forced to admit that we were best off with him returning to the country where he could work. We were short-sighted, foolish, and basically managed to be behave like teenagers in first love. :rolleyes: It was fun for that first flush of all those lovely “in love” chemicals, but soon took it’s toll on us. Only the real love & devotion under all that kept us together through some really awful times together, and the lonliness we are enduring now. But now, we are making some headway! I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, and we are about to get a booster of togetherness to see us through the rest of the way. We’ve learned some hard lessons, but most of all we’ve learned that we can survive as a couple. So, Yeah!!!