My husband (probably) saved a guy's life yesterday (kinda long)

Yesterday, mr.stretch went fishing. He had planned to go to a lake he’s fished before, but as he was driving up the mountain, he made a last minute decision to go to a lake that he’d never been to.

For the first hour or so, he’s the only one at the lake. Then, five rigs show up with fellow fisher-folk. Mr.stretch decides to leave—he picks up his gear, and is heading for the truck but then changes his mind; instead he moves around the lake a bit, placing a group of trees between him and his view of the others.

About 15 minutes after he moved, he hears a splash from where he was fishing before. Mr.stretch is a curious dude—he moves up from behind his stand of trees and looks to see what made the noise. He sees a man in the water—only his part of his upper body is visible and he’s face down. Mr.stretch is on the move—asking if the guy is okay and running towards him. The man doesn’t respond and mr.stretch is in the water in a heartbeat, holding the guy’s head and chest up out of the water.

Mr.stretch sees he has an older gentleman (Old Dude) on his hands—he guesses the guy was in his early 70s. Old Dude is about 6’4”, 190 lbs. Mr.stretch is 5’6” and 145 lbs—mr.stretch can’t get the Old Dude out of the water. He asks Old Dude if he’s okay; Old Dude says, “My wife will be here soon to help.” Mr.stretch asks Old Dude his wife’s name—Sharon. Mr.stretch yells out, “Sharon!”

An older woman is at a car, unloading lawn chairs and stuff. She whips her head around and mr.stretch, trying not to scare the crap out of her since it appears he is wrestling her husband and perhaps losing, yells out, “Can you come over and give us a hand for a minute?” Just like a cartoon, lawn chairs go flying and the woman is moving as fast as she can towards mr.stretch and the Old Dude. She keeps up a running commentary of “This is why you have to wait for me; you can’t wander off like that” and apologies to mr.stretch as they leverage the Old Dude out of the water and get him up to the bank.

Old Dude has a bleeding gash on his forehead; he’s shaky and soaking wet. But, by God, he came to fish and that’s what they are going to do! His wife gets a lawn chair while mr.stretch holds Old Dude up. They get him settled in the chair and wrapped in a blanket. Then mr.stretch goes back to his fishing gear, finishes catching his limit and comes home. When he leaves, Old Dude and Sharon are still fishing and seem to be enjoying their outing despite the scare.

What did the other folks who showed up at the same time as Old Dude and Sharon do to help? Nothing. No one made a move to help this old woman and little guy, who were obviously struggling, get the big Old Dude out of the water. But mr.stretch did the right thing. One of the many reasons I love him!

People like Mr. Stretch make the world worth living in. And he is fortunate to have a wife who is so proud of what he did that she shared it with hundreds of thousands of others. I, for one, am grateful there are people like you – both of you – among us. You make us better.

Wow! It’s a good thing your hubby was there!

Good on him for being so helpful.

So glad Mr. Stretch was there to help Bob out.


Great story!

Thanks to both of you - him for helping, and you for sharing. When it seems like everything I read is negative, some positive news is like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Kudos to Mr. Stretch!

I can’t be the only one who heard this in Ozzy Osbourne’s voice.

Good job, Mr. Stretch. I like stories with happy endings!

Good job! I can see why you’re proud. I would be too.

I like to think hearing about someone else taking the time to stop and help a stranger makes it more likely that others will move in the direction if a similar situation presents itself. It has that effect on me. Makes me want to be more helpful. So, in a way, your story has helped me be a better person. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for letting us in on this! Sure made my day knowing that there are people in this world like your husband. :slight_smile:

Glad you’re not from my state. I’d be ashamed if that happened here and nobody else tried to help. My dad used to be a huge fisherman, and as soon as I could walk and hold a pole, he’d take me with him any time I wanted to go. We fished all over the state, and around the country. He taught me many things, but one of the very first was what he called the “Code of the Woods”–pretty much that an outdoorsman always tries to help somebody in trouble. Doesn’t matter if it means the end of the fishing trip, towing a boat back to shore because the motor wouldn’t start. Kudos to Mr. Stretch.

Give Mr. Stretch a high five from me and tell him I said, “Job well done!”, would ya?

A couple of years ago one of the small covered bridges near me was wearing out and the surface was bumpy to drive over. They laid down wide planks for vehicles to drive on but apparently if your vehicle veers off of these it can cause the vehicle to turn sharply to one side. Well, this happened to a woman in a van with two kids in the back, and her van bust through the side of the bridge and ended up upside down in the river.

Two folks who were behind her and saw it thought nothing of getting right into the river and getting the passengers and driver safely out. Whenever I pass that I hope fervently that I would be brave enough to help out if I saw something like that happen. I hope I would be as responsible and capable as they and your husband were.

I’ve been telling mr.stretch what a wonderful thing he did. He’s a modest, unassuming guy–his response boils down to “Aw shucks, 'tweren’t nothinig.”

I’ve assured him that it was indeed something and that everybody I’ve told about it is proud of him, just like me.

This incident couldn’t have happened at a better time for mr.stretch. He’s been very down on himself lately, and it was a nice affirmation that he isn’t worthless. I think he did more than just help the Old Dude on Wednesday–he got back some of his self-confidence. Good karma all around.

Did I miss the part where we find out why the guy did a header into the water?