My Husband's Band is Track of the Day

Here, at

It’s an original, called “Love to Love You.” That’s my husband on vocals & lead guitar.

Have a listen, if you like blues. :smiley:

I’m not a big blues fan, but I liked it.

Yeah for Mr. Persephone.

I love the blues ( well, anything that is not the Wiggles or Pooh, I dig. But, listening to the blues puts me in touch with my poor black share cropper upbringing on the bad side of Flint * :slight_smile: )

I could not get my computer to open it up. Theirs and mine are not talking. They need therapy. I will try again later.

*The only good side of Flint is Persephone and her family and the other Flint area dopers.

Congratulations! Downloading now and will return with feedback.

Tasty stuff. Living proof that blue men can sing the whites.

Great guitar licks and some solid vocals. Hope this gets the attention of a label.

Hey, great song! I happened to be chatting to a musician friend in Japan when I listened to it; I sent him the link, and he said he loved it. Tell your husband that if he’s ever in Tokyo, I’ve got him a guarenteed gig (my friend has a “live house” bar in Hiroo). :smiley: