My idiot bumpersticker Mayor.

My idiot bumpersticker Mayor.

I’m not sure if this making the national news or not but the democratic mayor of my fair city ,Saint Paul, MN has decided not to only come out and endorse Bush as his president of choice but to start fucking campaigning with him at the republican rallies across the whole state.
Ok, let me go back a couple days first.
July 27th, 2004. Mayor Kelly decides not to support any candidate

Then our “democrat” mayor recollects that he saw a BUMPER STICKER.:

So then on Aug 2, 2004, our “democrat” mayor gives the ulitmate bipartisan asslick by endorsing Bush.

OK. FINE. You’re crossing party lines just like Diamond Joe Quimby, err, I mean NORM COLEMAN did a couple years ago before he ran (and lost) for Governor against Jesse Ventura and ran (and won) against a dead Paul Wellstone. Is there some kind of weird Exodus program that republicans are running in my city? Should I stop drinking the tap water? I can’t find the supporting article, dammit, that talks about Coleman’s mysterious and private meeting with Kelly just a couple weeks before the announcement.

On August 15th, 2004, Mayor Kelly printed a full statement in the Star Tribune to explain himself:
He starts:

He’s not denying the backroom deals of course. :smiley:

He then tries to claim that it’s the negative politics (see: bumper sticker) that are solidifying his view:

Aww, that’s puppy-cute, all he wants is love in the government. Anger-motivated transition? Yes. I don’t like our president at all. I think Kerry would make a better president. Am I motivated by anger or by the fact that Bush is incompetent? Well, it’s a bit of both really.

Sure they aren’t.

Our friends tend to understand that we have a democracy. That we may bring in new leaders from time to time. That the fact that Clinton was in 4 years ago and now isn’t, is proof of it.

Dammit, I’m trying to pit you and then you go and say something sensible. Except for the fact that BUSH IS THE ONE BRINGING UP THE ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE AMENDMENT.

Alright, deep breath. In. Out.

August 18th, 2004
Bush visits (how nice that he only comes over when he needs something.) and is doing arally downtown.


August 19th, 2004
Luckily for me, the twins have had enough.

They need to get almost 12K signatures to do get this on the ballot and then there is the 1959 Minnesota Supreme court decision that only allows recalls for malfeasance or nonfeasance. I think it would be hardpressed to calls this malfeasance but I’m planning on signing that if anything to push this issue.

So, all in all. Fuck you, Kelly.

His reason for campaigning for Bush isn’t exactly the strongest but he is an elected official and he can campaign for the President. I’d just vote him and his uneducated reasons out of office if I lived in your city.

[pats St. Pauler consolingly on the hand and offers nice lefse]

We visited your fair city in May and were very impressed by the way that the mayor wasn’t on display in a cage at the city limits, as many another Midwestern city has been known to do with its loony politicos.

Yeah, he sounds like tool. But I hardly think that endorsing a sitting president warrants a recall. He can endorse whoever he wants.

That sets you off about your mayor? Holy crap, come to Detroit sometime…

There’s a history here though. Norm Coleman realized the only way a Republican could get to be mayor in this city is to be a Democrat. He then switched parties while in office. Now this yahoo is trying to do a shitty immitation of a rather smooth hoodwink that Coleman pulled, and acting as if it’s not a schtick we’ve seen before.

I’ll sign the petition when they knock on my door, for the sole purpose of getting the Republicans out of the Democratic party.

Republicans crossing party lines to vote for Kerry = good

Democrats crossing party lines to vote for Bush = bad

Mayor speaking out about who he wants to win in 2000 = bad
I love how free speech only applies to Kerryites.

I think what we’re pitting is the wolves in sheeps clothing. The politicians that had republican beliefs but pretended to be a democrat merely to get into office.