My insurance commercial idea

As long as all the commercials are “funny” and have little to do with the product being sold, how about this: a beautiful well-endowed woman trying on all different styles of undergarments. At the end, a voice says: “buying clothes is hard- buying insurance doesn’t need to be”. Couldn’t be any worse than that fucking Flo, as long as she isn’t the woman in the commercial.

This idea is terrible. Therefore, perfect for tv.

I think a hot woman putting on and removing undergarments should work in any kind of commercial.
To slightly revise the OP’s idea - maybe Flo can have a turn at giving spirited chirpings to a tiny little dot in a ceiling corner in the changeroom. We then see grainy footage of Flo looking up, giving a fiesty lowdown on the latest line of insurance packages while she’s whipping on and off frilly stuff as we hear, in voiceover, heaving breathing and deep-voiced “ohs” and “uhs” and, well, certain other unmistakable sounds.

I can’t tell if the OP is just making fun of commercials, of if he’s sincerely saying that he wants to watch women taking off their clothes. If the former, this thread could at least have been worded better, and is probably unnecessary regardless. If the latter, there are plenty of other places on the Internet for that. This is not one of them.