My Insurance Provider just started covering Birth Control!


I just went to pick up my prescription for the pill, fully expecting to pay my usual $28.65 (for the generic version, mind you…over a dolloar per pill!)…and I was only charged my co-pay! When I asked, making sure they had the right person and prescription, she looked it up and said it was no longer flagged as “non-covered.”

Woo-hoo, I love my insurance company. What with this and my employer providing free tampons (name-brand, even!) in the women’s restrooms, I am in reproductive system utopia.

I cannot tell you how much this made my day.

And finding 28 doll oars each month to cover this is no easy feat. Those dolls don’t give up their oars easily…they love their boats too much.

Sweet! Pop a few pills and come on over so we can celebrate. :smiley:


Now, who is your provider so that I can be really truly jealous.

so, how you doin? :wink:

World Eater , a few pills? Just how long is this going to take?:wink:

Shirley Ujest , my provider is Priority Health, a big one around here. Hopefully this is their policy now (and not just some companies that get better coverage.)

Yay! Good for you :slight_smile: My insurance company covers them too. Recently, my (misogynist) co-worker complained that my BCP were not Blue Cross Blue Shield’s responsibility… blah, blah, blah. When I told him I’d gladly forego BCP coverage as long as we could get rid of Viagra being covered too he began to argue that Viagra has more “legitimate” reasons to be covered:rolleyes:

Now I know why my insurance premiums keep going up!

Talk about a profit margin on those – I get mine for $15 from Planned Parenthood. Ouch!

In England, they’re FREE!

I’m a bloke, but with a deal like that I think I’ll have some myself!