My ISP says I'm a spammer...

I came home last night and there was a message on my answering machine saying my ISP had recieved a spam complaint against me. They said it was probably a virus and to clean my machine and then call them.

I’m very fastidious about my computer security, and suspected a false or mistaken report, but went ahead with a system scan. I run AVG, a software firewall, and a hardware firewall on my router. I did a complete system scan with AVG, then scanned my system with Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D, all with the latest signature updates. My system tested clean, except for a few tracking cookies, which doesn’t suprise me…everyone gets those.

I called the ISP and said “I’m clean…what exactly was reported to you?” They said a local criminal court contacted them that they’d recieved spam from my IP address. Since my router is on 24/7, I usually retain the same IP address for extended periods, so I thought that my IP having changed would have been doubtful.

So…have I done everything to make sure my system is clean, or is there something else I should be doing? I’m suspecting some sort of error in the spam…perhaps spoofing, but I’m not sure.

Any comments appreciated…

One last thing you should do… ask for the evidence (including all headers) against your computer. Headers can be forged, and it is usually easy to tell what is going on (for instance, the mail coming from a program or service that is nowhere on your ocmputer).

What kind of router? If you’re doing wireless, are you ensuring that a war-driver can’t pick up your signal (and send spam out of your router, which would look like it’s coming from the same IP address)?


No wireless involved…it’s a normal wired router. I believe it’s a D-Link DI-604 if I’m not mistaken…

There’s an online antivirus check at that’s free - I’ve used it before to scan machines I’ve suspected of being infected.

Any ISP worth their salt should have the ability to track traffic volume by port, at least for the common ones (http, ftp, dns, smtp) for security reasons. Ask for router logs if they have them.

Don’t some spammers (somehow) generate fake IP sending addresses? Maybe one was yours.

Or maybe you have some sort of virus or spyware on your computer.

Or maybe i should start reading threads before i reply to them.

My dad got called by his internet provider with a similar message last year. He called them back…they had no idea why he got the messages (the same guy called twice) since they didn’t have any record of the problem, and the guy who called him was home for the night by the time Dad called. Nothing ever came of it. We assumed that it was someone mimicing his account headers since the issue was dropped.

My email addresses get spoofed periodically. I know that happens when I start getting bounces for stuff I never sent out. I just got the first one for my Yahoo email addy.

I try to stay up to date on virus stuff too.