My itchy head is driving me crazy

Had it for months? May be spreading? No improvement with OTC remedies?

It could be anything from something serious to just allergies.

Make an appointment with a doctor ASAP.

YES! It’s exactly where my head meet the pillow. I do have other isolated spots where I itch, but it’s nowhere as problematic as what I experience in the middle of many nights. My reasoning behind not having had contacted a GP by now is that it’s only an itch that I enjoy scratching (you all know what I mean). It just sucks waking up 3 am from an itch…

Layman’s speculation: I’m guessing your head is sweating at the spot where head meets pillow, and you are getting a heat rash, and/or possibly a moisture-loving fungus, in that spot.

That or an allergic reaction to dust mites in the pillow.

If your pillow is less than a year old, maybe you’re allergic to your pillow. What is it stuffed with?

I sympathize - scalp itch can drive you round the bend! When I had an itchy scalp a few years ago, my doctor suggested an over the counter topical medication called Scalpicin
It worked for me. It’s available in most drugstores. My sister had the problem and she rubbed an over the counter cortisone creme into her scalp and that worked well, too.

You say that you haven’t changed the laundry products. But the product themselves may have changed. Companies are always “tweaking” their formulations on such things. Maybe changing products might be worth an attempt.

Also, heat rash thing seems likely, try puttinmg a flanel liner under your pillow case to helpo wick away any persperation.

Just some thoughts


I’d like to join in the witnessing for Neutrogena T-gel.