My kid wants me to stop reading Doper parenting threads!

Well, actually, she’s too young to really notice my reading habits. But [thread=554524]this thread over in ATMB[/thread] has made me realize just how many parenting-related threads there are at the SDMB right now. For those who haven’t noticed, we have

[thread=554228]O Doper Parents, Speak to Me of Baths and Babies[/thread]
[thread=553815]Ask the Chick Who’s Two Months Pregnant[/thread]
[thread=554476]Parents: The naughty step and those who sit on it[/thread]
[thread=554612]Breast milk cheese!?[/thread] (I’m too grossed out to even look at this one!!!)
[thread=552412]Name my hypothetical baby![/thread]
[thread=554139]Re “name napping” is it wrong to use the name of friend’s baby in naming your child?[/thread]
[thread=554515]The latest in the baby advice threads - baby-led weaning?[/thread]
[thread=554445]Who Are the People in My Neighborhood (update on RSO)[/thread]
[thread=554395]Do children really become autistic?[/thread]
[thread=553602]Child is born of a one night stand - would you tell him?[/thread]

And, for the grand finale….
[thread=554525]Would you still have kids if you could do it all again?[/thread]

Since I’ve read most of these threads, I’m not complaining, but seriously, what gives? Should we be expecting a bumper crop of new Dopers in thirteen or so years? At least we haven’t seen BD or POAS mentioned around here…

You shoulda been here about a month ago…

Ha! :):p:D This theme is definitely preferable, even though there’s less drama involved.

Good, glad you got it as I really debated posting even THAT much information. And I figured the joke would be ruined if I had to rehash the issue or such again. :smiley:

Topics on the board tend to come in groups like that. First someone posts the thread “What is your favorite kind of cheese?” That triggers other people to think about cheese and post their own thread titled “Why does parmesean smell like that?” Then someone else who is lactose intolerant is now reminded of that question they keep meaning to ask people “Can anyone recommend a dairy free cheese that doesn’t feel like plastic?” Then everyone has had their fill of cheese threads and move on to the next topic. That is just the way it goes IME.