My kid's going to be a Maid of Honor!

Her very, very best friend ever in the world, the one that you say you’d lie down in front a moving train for, and whose sentences you sometimes complete for them?

Call her K. Text messaged me on Saturday “you and momma want to join us at (unnamed saloon)” I went, The Wife was home sick, she made appropriate mean faces at me and I took off. Had a beverage with a few of the kids, when K and her man walk in. First thing she does is run over to me and stick her hand in my face.

Holy crap, knock me over with a feather. She’s a doll, which believe it or not, I don’t notice “in that way” because she’s literally like a daughter to me. My kid’s current man was K’s college frat brother and thus was THAT introduction made.

Yesterday, a bunch of the friends stopped by (this happens a lot, one minute we’re sitting watching a movie, next thing I know, there’s 8-10 twenty-ish folks sprawled on the floor eating my food, and finishing my milk), and K and my kid announce the Maid of Honor part. Which is kind of a surprise given that there’s an older sister, but sis wants to enjoy the wedding w/o any obligations to remain presentable and sober.

So, wow, she’ll be a college grad in a few months, she already has a good job lined up, which in fact she’s already working at - and the one thing that scares her is having to write and deliver a toast in 15 months.

Damn kids.