My Kindle Died. I'm Sad.

Yesterday I charged it at work. I had to work through lunch so I didn’t have a chance to read until I got home.

I couldn’t turn it on. I thought that was odd, so I plugged it into my charging cable at home and it powered up. All good…or so I thought.

I read for a bit in bed, then went to turn it off. Instead, it took a screen shot.

That’s new, I thought. I mainly use my Kindle for reading and occasionally browsing the web. But mainly reading. I have never taken a screen shot or a picture with it.

I futzed around with it for a bit, then went to sleep and called Kindle support when I got to work.

It appears my volume button only goes louder…I cannot decrease the sound unless I swipe it on the screen. Since some combination of the volume button and the power button is what makes the Kindle take screen shots, I’m stuck.

I’m going to try to blow the volume button out with canned air when I get home, but it may be gone. Amazon is giving me 20% my next purchase.

My Kindle is my preciousssssss so this is quite upsetting. :frowning:

What model/version is it, and how long have you had it?

Kindle Fire 7.5.1 and I got it for Christmas 2012.

You got your money’s worth. I have a Fire, but I do all my reading on my Paperwhite. Very lightweight, very easy ont he eyes, and the charge lasts forever.


Appears like you got your money’s worth. Spend $50 and get a new one.

You have my sympathy. My battered old Sony PRS-350 (in use for around 5 and a half years) finally succumed to USB port failure earlier this year.

Our Kindle keyboard died last fall and we found a refurb on Amazon for $25. It’s like we never lost it! Especially if you liked reading on that Kindle, I encourage you to just buy it again.

It’s a sad day when a treasured kindle finally goes to silicon heaven. Take care of yourself.

My original Kindle 2 will no longer hold a charge strong enough to download a book, and the case is cracked, but I still keep it functioning and mirrored to my newer Paperwhite. I figure if the Paperwhite ever dies, at least I’ll have a backup to read on temporarily (for the two days it would take Amazon to deliver a new one). It really is a magical device, especially that first one.

I plan to get a new one today. Maybe in blue. Or rose. I haven’t decided yet.

I got my new Kindle. I’m finding it surprisingly hard to recycle the old one, for some strange reason.

My Fitbit is now acting up (got that October 2015). I’m getting a discount on a new one of those too.

I really wish electronics would last longer.

I know what you mean. They are like pets in some weird way. I dread the day we will need to recycle robots that look at sound more human.
Did you watch the tv show HUM∀NS? An old man had real trouble recycling the android he’d lived with for some years. I felt so sorry for him.

I know a Kindle isn’t an android, but damn, I fell in love with that thing from the moment I got it, and when I realized I could get library books on it I wanted to have its babies. I feel bad abandoning it. It technically still works, but not optimally.

I’ve come to express my condolences. I am sorry for your loss!

Which Kindle did you get as a replacement? I have the same model as the one that died on you, and I’ve been considering an upgrade. I’d like it to weigh less and maybe have a bigger screen.

I will be heartbroken when my classic DX finally bites the dust. The Fire is nice, but nothing can match the pleasure of a full page on the DX.

This one in magenta. Amazon was supposed to give me 20% off, but they goofed and didn’t put in the promotional credit. Now I’m getting a $20 credit. I’m thinking about getting a case. I didn’t buy a case for my first one…I knitted it myself. This one is a bit smaller and doesn’t fit quite so snugly.

I have owned just about every Kindle model, I suppose. My favorite was the DX. Each and everyone of them has broken in new and unique ways. The one I’m using now has a sliver of a scratch on the screen that shoots a flash of light into my eye when I hold it wrong. How is that even possible?

All in all, the build quality is just not there.

Check Woot out, they often have older Kindles. I got a real old model, with 3G and it still has physical buttons, but I only paid $10 (+$5 shipping) and I love it.

I’m pleased you got a discount. My Kindle Paperwhite has two bright spots on it, where it looks like the LED light is refracting, otherwise there is nothing wrong with it. I called up Amazon customer support to see if they could do anything about it. Now my Kindle Paperwhite was out of warranty a couple of years ago so they didn’t owe me anything. And for the record, I was upfront with the phone tech. I said that I wasn’t aware of any abuse or dropping of the Kindle, I would assume I must have somehow damaged it; and that I didn’t think it was a faulty Kindle. They offered to send me a Fire. I said no thank you, that I wanted another Kindle Paperwhite so they took $50 off a new one. It arrived today. :slight_smile: I have yet to be disappointed in Amazon’s Customer Service, on their products or someone else’s ordered through Prime.