My kitty sneezed almost all night long two nights ago.

Many years ago, I was eating with Tucker-Babe at a *restaurant. We were enjoying a pizza, when suddenly I was overcome with an incredible need to sneeze. It was so bad, I had to go to the bathroom because my nose was running so bad. I would recover for a few minutes, and then it would start back again. I’d run back to the bathroom. After several such iterations, I could swear I could feel something inside my nasal cavity, gradually moving forward with each episode. Finally, the last time I had to run to the bathroom, I blew my nose, and out it came–a peppercorn that I had sprinkled onto the pizza. Somehow it had gone up (and into the back of my nasal cavity) instead of down, and was really giving me a fit.

What’s doubly weird is that this same thing has happend to me one other time–at the same restaurant!

But getting back to the cat. . .

She’s a 15-month-old mostly gray tabby with some light orange highlights. I thought that if she didn’t get better in a day or so, I’d need to take her to the vet. Well, she did get better, but she was still sneezing–just not continuously. Well, tonight she hopped up into my lap to get her head rubbed before going somewhere to nap, and I saw the oddest thing: a kitty whisker sticking out of one nostril!.

I said, “Aha! So that’s what’s been going on!” I was able to put my fingers on it and pull, but it broke off. However, some of it was still poking out.

I said, “This is a job for Tweezer Man!”

I got a pair of tweezers, and put her back into my lap. After I had her a little settled down, I went in for the grab. No such luck. She felt the tweezers and started squirming.

I thought, “I’m gonna have to be quick and accurate if I hope to get a decent grip.”

So, I started holding her really tightly. I deftly swept the tweezers toward the hair, getting a good grip, and pulled. Simultaneously, she pulled her head back.

Thus I pulled it out. Not a hair, though, but a piece of grass over an inch long.

Did explain why it broke off, though. I didn’t think a hair should have been so fragile.

But, guess what??? She ain’t sneezing at all, now!

Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny that I had had a similar problem several years ago.

*The Grecian Gardens on Sunset Blvd in West Columbia, SC, if anyone cares.

kitty is gonna run from tweezers now.

my nod the naughty tangled with a yellow jacket in the bathroom. she ended up getting stung in the nose. no sneezing, but i noticed one side of her nose was swollen and red.

once i got a good look at it i saw the stinger was still in her nostril. boy, was that a fun thing to get out! nod has a little bump on her nose from it, and a lingering fear of tweezers.

Have you ever pulled a nose hair out of your own nose with tweezers? I did that once as a kid because my mom said, “Don’t do it…it’ll hurt.”
Y’know what? It freaking HURT!
Good thing for kitty (and for you, unless kitty has surreal tolerance for pain) that it was just a foreign object, and NOT a nose hair!