My left hand little finger is getting worse and worse

I’ve had this for a few weeks now. I created another thread about it in GQ actually, which I can’t find. Basically it’s numb. There’s absolutely no pain. The numbness also continues along the palm of my hand in an imaginary line roughly from where the finger ends to about where my wrist begins. I have been prescribed diclofenac (150mg a day) by A&E, then when that ran out I got another diclofenac prescription from a pharmacist (if that sounds unusual some pharmacists over here can prescribe drugs to you).

Things have been getting number and number and now it is getting to a stage while I can straighten out the finger without manipulating it with my other hand, it is quite difficult to do so. And generally doing some stuff with the hand is quite hard. An example is popping pills (even though that doesn’t involve that finger!) and another is using a key in a lock.

I saw a GP for a different issue during this and during the appointment I mentioned the finger. It was basically treated as an afterthought and all he said was “I can’t think of anything serious that could be so don’t worry about it”

It’s almost certainly a trapped nerve as I udnerstand things. Is this going to get worse? Should I go and see a doctor again, or can nothing be done? Am I stuck with this for life?

IANAD but when something like this happened to me it was a pinched nerve in my neck. I had to go to a chiropractor and get a series of adjustments to set it all right again.

I don’t think a pinched nerve will just go away.

I have a similar problem with two fingers on my left hand (the pinkie and ring fingers), I thought it was RSI from being online several hours a day, then one morning I woke up and had my chin resting on my hand in a way that was probably pinching a nerve or something in my left hand, that would cause the numbness in my ring and pinkie fingers.

Not a lot I can do about it since I can’t make myself not sleep like that!

Maybe you are doing something like that yourself?

They will heal on their own, but anti-inflammatries, ice, and exercises will help relieve pain. Can take up to 4-8 weeks. It sounds like it could be a pinched nerve.

So… Your GP has never heard of peripheral neuropathy? Among other possibilities? I feel stupid telling you to go to a different doctor, specifically about that, right away, but only because it seems stupid that you’d have to be told.

I can go to a different doctor tomorrow, that’s not a problem. You think I should?


i think you should wait a week and then start a new thread.

I detect sarcasm!

Sarcasm? Maybe you should get a second opinion.

Google ulnar nerve dysfunction. I believe it is somewhat like carpal tunnel except that it is the ulnar nerve that is pinched or swelling. it seems leaning on your elbow can be a cause of it

Oh, yeah, besides starting forum threads, also start googling anything anyone without a medical background suggests. Because going to a doctor is such a huge step to take, and should always be the last.

A physical therapist or occupational therapist might help. If it is making it hard to do things with that hand, it is by definition serious.

Look, I dealt with this in a jokey way but since you’re going on about it I will see another frigging doctor, stop nagging please :mad:

You know, tapu, that was uncalled for. The OP had seen a doctor and was told it was nothing to be worried about. Asking for other lay opinions isn’t wrong, and on this board is common. Your snide and unkind remarks were unjustified.

I know you’ve only been posting here for 3 weeks, but understand that the first rule of the Dope is Don’t Be A Jerk. Sure, that rule is often broken, but you might just want to mentally review it before you hit “Submit Reply”.


Tapu, please step off. People are permitted to start the type of threads; people are not permitted to shit all over them. St. Germain is trying to be helpful (though it is not necessary; you can just report the post and we’ll deal with it), but she is correct in her analysis that this is jerkish behavior. Cease.

Sorry, Ellen. I wasn’t sure if it was egregious enough for an official smack-down. Hopefully a year from now, tapu will look back and wonder why he behaved like this.

Actually, hopefully it won’t take a year.


I had a similar thing, no medical treatment (no insurance) and it cleared up on its own in about…2 years. Yeah. Not fun. If I had the financial ability to seek a(nother) opinion, I would have.

Leaning on my elbow certainly made it worse, as did lots of typing. But I still lean on my elbow, and I still do lots of typing, so those weren’t the causes, but aggravating influences.

Sorry this isn’t more helpful. But no, you’re not alone.

Wow, I’m sorry. I see where you’re coming from. I didn’t mean to get so carried away about it, and I thank you for calling me off.

I want to apologize especially to Cdc. ~tapu