My leg pain

Last year I shattered the lower part of my left femur. Doc reassembled it as best she could, but it required a second op. I was taking PT and gradually getting better. I’ve never been able to put full weight on that leg, but was able to get around (slowly) with a cane. Then this happened: I went to get in my car the way I always have, sit down sideway, and then swing my legs in. This time I caught the bolster across the upper back part of my thigh, and the pain was intense. I thought I rebroke it, or screwed up the big hardware in there. Since then my leg has been stiff and swollen and prone to crippling pain in my front thigh. Like the act of swiveling or movement like to kick something causes stabbing pain- always in the front. I went back to the doc, who x-rayed it and found nothing wrong. I’m hoping if I stay off of it it will eventually heal. But I bumped it in the back, and it hurts in the front :anguished:

So sorry to hear this. My own leg pain seems trivial now. I’d had PT for neck and back problems in the past that turned out not to have been the best. After recent knee surgeries I started going to a new place in town and was pleasantly surprised how much better they were. So if you can, try other therapists to see if they can help you progress faster. So hope this improves for you soon, must be awful to deal with.