My life is being made miserable by the Cat From Hell.

You’ve got to understand, I’m a life-long cat lover. We always had a pair of cats when I was growing up, and I’ve got a pair of cats now, and there have been several pairs (serially) in between. So when my husband’s aunt broke her leg and needed to spend many weeks in a rehab center (she’s old, frail, and has many health problems) I was happy to agree with hubby’s suggestion that we take in her cat ‘Bubby’ until the aunt can go home again.

I mean, how much trouble can one extra cat be? Hah. I should have suspected what I was in for the first time I laid eyes on the cat. He’s a neutered male, about six years old, long and lanky. All black, with a single yellow eye – lost the other one in a fight long ago – glaring at me balefully through the mesh of his carrier while hissing like a pressure cooker on the verge of exploding.

This cat is demonic. I should have guessed that “Bubby” is just a nickname for Beelzebub. And, no, I’m not just prejudiced against all black cats, one of my own is all black as well.

What does this cat do? Well, every evil, bad, nasty thing you’ve ever heard of any cat doing, wrapped in a single scrawny body:

  • He refuses to use any of the litter boxes in the house – we have four, spread over three levels, all of which are scooped at least daily. Guessing that the problem might be Bubby’s not used to living with other cats, we got a fifth litterbox AND bought the brand of litter he was used to, and put it into a spare room and closed him into that room by himself over night. In the morning we found a ‘tootsie roll’ RIGHT BESIDE the lstill-pristine itter box, plus a couple of odorous wet spots in the carpet. :frowning: He has also baptized two beds and the couch, the little bastard, as well as many other more easily cleaned up places. :frowning:

  • In just two weeks he has shredded the runner on our main staircase to the point we had to remove it for fear of tripping on one of the holes he’d ripped in it. :frowning:

  • He continually hisses at, and ATTACKS our own cats. Including Toby who is thirteen years old, WAY over weight, and possesses all the vim and feistiness of a bean bag cat. :mad:

He has also chewed up a woolen lap robe and deliberated knocked some china ornaments off our mantel piece – I know it was him and deliberate because I was talking on the phone and saw the bastard DO IT.
All that is minor compared to two other habits:

  1. The damn cat yowls. All the time, morning, noon, night. I’m not talking about “I want my dinner” yowls, no, this guy screeches – that’s what it sounds like, a nasty ear-piecing sound, worse than any tom cat outside the window of a queen in heat yowling – ALL THE TIME. Open a cupboard – he yowls. Enter the room he is in – he yowls. Leave the room he’s in – he yowls. The phone rings – he yowls. Try to watch TV – he yowls. On and on and on, it gets on my nerves so badly I’ve screamed at him to shut up …which makes him yowl louder. :frowning:

No, he’s not in pain or sic – he’s got a beautifully glossy fur coat, he eats like horse, has boundless energy, and the vet has said he’s fine. He says the cat might be part siamese and thus ‘talky.’ TALKY??? This cat is SCREAMY.

And, worst of all

  1. The damn cat continually tries to escape from our house. He’s learned the sound of our cars/footsteps, so whenever one of us approaches the door he is pressed right at the corner that opens and tries to shoot out the second the door is open just a crack. And then, since he of course doesn’t come when called, you get to spend a merry hour chasing him around the yard, and the neighbor’s yards, before he finally tires and lets you corner him and pick him up…whereupon he tries to bite and scratch you. (Yes, I had to get a fresh tetanus shot two days after he came to stay with us.)

I’m tempted to just let him out and say “Have a nice life” but a major highway is less than a 50 yards away AND we have coyotes in the neighborhood, so that would be equivalent of killing him. As I say, I’m tempted, but the catloving part of me has so far forced me to chase him down each time.
The thing is, I can’t stand living like this. I hate not being able to simply walk into or out of my house instead of having to prepare to fend off his crazed escape attempts EACH AND EVERY TIME. I hate being driven from room to room trying to get out of ear shot of his yowls. I hate that my own cats are becoming fearful and upset to the point I don’t get to spend any pleasant time just snuggling them as I watch tv or read. :mad:

I realized yesterday that I was deliberately spending extra time at all the stops as I ran errands, just so I wouldn’t have to go home and deal with the demon just yet. That’s sad, isn’t it? To have your home, your castle, your refuge from the outside world turned into a place you dread to go?

What’s worst, I think I’m stuck. It looks like Aunty will be in the rehab place quite a time, but she’s healing and is expected to go home. Meaning I can’t just get rid of the cat in any permanent way. And who would adopt the bastard anyway? I’ve made a few calls, and it seems like kennels won’t take cats for long term boarders, so that route’s out.
What I really need is a stassis box.

Sounds to me like he’s just pissed off that you took him out of his house.

Is there any way you can take him back to Auntie’s for awhile, and stop by once a day to scoop the box, put down some food, and freshen the water?

Shit… hit post instead of preview.

We’ve got a neutered male that spent the first five years of his life in the same apartment. When we moved for the first time, he absolutely lost it.

He yowled constantly, attacked his sister, attacked my wife, whom he loves to pieces, and was always trying to bolt out the front door or scratch at a window.

I’m convinced that the only reason he didn’t piss and shit outside of the box was because he didin’t eat anything for two days.

We took him back to the old place and let him spend the night by himself.

The next day, he was fine, and the next time we moved, he was fine.

Did I mention that the two apartments in question were in the same building, separated by less than 20 feet, with nearly identical floor plans?

Cats are weird.

I wonder if medicating the cat would help – a light tranquilizer, or even some fresh catnip. He’s obviously stressed. Unless that’s his normal behavior and your aunt neglected to tell you.

Can you keep him crated, and take him out on a leash for exercise?

Does your aunt know how Bub’s acting? Was he difficult for her too?

Unfortunately, Auntie lives almost 50 miles away, too much for us to do a round trip daily.

But that makes me think – maybe I could find a pet sitter to take care of him there? I sort of cringe at giving a key to an unknown person when the house will be ‘empty’ for so long, but it’s got to be better than my being driven to felicide.

I hadn’t thought about catnip… we don’t have any around (my own cats are both ‘immune’) but it’s definitely worth trying. Keep the little bastard stoned all the time, that’s the ticket. :smiley:

I did some delicate prying the last time I visited her. I got back comments about him being ‘talky’ and how much she loved his company, and that he was territorial like a dog and would chase away intruding animals… So I guess this is more a ratcheting up of his normal behavior. No doubt, caused by the loss of his home and slave.

Well, I’ll try the catnip, and maybe ask Auntie if any of her neighbors (or appropriately aged kids) are friend with her or Bubby.

I gotta do something.

(I can’t even blame this on hubby: it’s his aunt, but I’m the one who volunteered.)

Please take my advice: sequester this cat and give him a hide-out before the urination gets worse. I speak from experience. One of my wife’s cats is such a mess she has a whole linoleumed wing of our house to herself. Before that, in our last house she had a tiled bathroom with a huge electronically-accessible cabinet, but it didn’t work too well because it seems she just wanted her own space.

If you have the ability and spare square feet, consider it.

Cat’s priorities, in order:

Suggestion: Find a room just for Bubby. Once he has his own territory things will go better. A large carrier can serve as a start before he has the entire room. Make the carrier his territory.

I would seriously consider this, and when you look at the cost remember the cost of the damage being done.

Cat urine is one of the most pernicious substances in the world. We’ve had stories here of people having to rip out subflooring to get rid of the stench.

Also, it would be BETTER to have someone go in the house daily as it is–houses shouldn’t sit empty for months. If it gets robbed or something, or if a pipe bursts, you want someone to notice in a reasonable period of time.

Keep him in one space, preferably a room all to himself. Poor thing is probably really traumatized by the upheaval and to top it all off, his human isn’t there with him.

You wouldn’t have to go to aunt’s house every day. We’ve left our two cats alone for three or four days at a time. Put out lots of food and water, leave the lid up on the toilets. They were a bit mad when we got back, but they got over it.

The only worry is if the cat injures itself or gets sick and nobody is around to help him.

Board him! $16 a day at my vet, I noticed (I don’t have any cats), and the cat gets to watch TV! Yeah, it’s a little high, but it sounds like it’s worth it to you.

I think this thread would be happier in MPSIMS. If it freaks out and pees on the rug, well, it’s not my rug. :wink:

Crate it. If it soils the crate, it has to lay in it. When it isn’t behaving, it goes in its crate. When you aren’t around, it goes in its crate. Or a bathroom, the floors in those tend to be washable unless you have tile and grout. My cat was very misbehaved when I first got her so I caged her for her own protection and my own sanity. If you house is big enough, which it ought to be if you have 5 litter boxes, you can even put it in a crate in a closet far away from you. Did the kitty have nice toys at Auntie’s he might be missing? Nice toys might bribe good behavior, or kitty treats.

So the cat is evil, black, and missing an eye? Are you sure he’s only six years old?

Was he an indoor cat before? If your aunt let him go outside all the time, the problem might be that he’s not used to being inside. You see it as keeping him safe, he sees it as being imprisoned.

Yes, Bubby was allowed to go in and out, I’m sure that’s an additional reason he’s pissed. I’m sorry for him, but it’s simply too dangerous to let him out here.
To update:

The catnip seemed to help some – he got stoned and slept. Went back to yowling when he woke up, but not as, well, frantically. We’ve made up a stuffed sock dosed with a small amount of cat nip, and he spends a lot of time just clutching it.

The past three days we’ve confined him to the mudroom, chosen for the waterproof flooring in there. He yowls and claws at both doors (the one to the house proper and the outdoor one) but that happens in short, intense bursts and it seems to me they are coming further apart.

I slip in a couple times a day, picking times when he isn’t yowling so as not to be ‘rewarding’ them, and put down small amounts of food, change the water, scoop his box. I hope to get him to associate me with the coming of food, and thus get him to be less hostile. He has been using the litterbox, so that’s good.

It’s not perfect setup. Having Bubby in the mudroom means we can’t use our back door, but at least we can walk in and out of the front door without playing prison guard. I’m still hoping to find a catsitter who will care for him in Auntie’s house. Still, I’m a lot less stressed than I was before.

And our cats seem to have recovered – they aren’t all nervous and twitchy. I’ve even caught them sitting outside the mudroom door, sniffing at the crack. Maybe curiosity, maybe taunting the Big Bad Cat now that he’s incarcerated. :dubious:

Good for you, and good for Bubba. :slight_smile:

I have to second that. When I moved in with my current roommate, the presence of her cat made my cat just DRIP with pee, all the time. Now he lives in my room and he hasn’t had an accident since b/c the other cat isn’t allowed in there at all to stress him up. Make one room a cat’s world, and he won’t have anywhere to go if he fouls it up, that’s my theory.

Give Bubby his own space, and medicate him – and I’m talking prescription tranqs or anti-anxiety meds, not just catnip. He sounds seriously stressed out because of the change in his circumstances and because of having to share territory with other cats.