My light dimmer makes noise

I installed an incandescent lamp dimmer control for one of the lights in my house recently. When I dim the light, I hear a whining noise sort of like what a TV set makes, coming from the light bulb. It’s kind of annoying. I know that the dimmer works by clipping part of the voltage cycle in the 60 Hz AC wave instead of limiting the current. Somehow the rapid activation/deactivation of the filament makes it whine but I don’t know why and I don’t recall dimmers from times past doing this. Does anyone know if this is a new problem, why it’s happening and if there is a workaround? Thanks.

It depends on the type of switching done by the dimmer, and the light bulb filament. Your best bet it to try changing the bulb, and if that doesn’t work, changing the dimmer to another type. Both of these are trial and error.


search the board. this was discussed at length before