My Lucky ran out...

This is slightly old news, but last week, Lucky Market, my favorite grocery, was officially taken over by Albertsons. None of the patrons of the former Lucky in my neighborhood are happy about this, AFAICT. My biggest fear, shared by most is that Lady Lee and Presidents Choice products, widely praised as the best generics in CA, will be thrown over by Albertson’s generics. I’m not familiar with those, but one customer said she’s from Texas, and can testify that Albertson generics suck.

Also, they’ve done away with the discount cards. That may not be bad; someone on this board defined using such cards as “whoring your demographics”, but I fear that without a gimmick, the promised “Everyday Low Prices” will go by the board.

I was in there today, and I have to admit that their decorated cakes were adorable. But I don’t buy decorated cakes on a daily basis.

You may think I’m overreacting, but dammit, Lucky was perfect for us, and it seems like everything I like disappears! TV shows, stores, products, landscapes… I just notice it more, since my tastes are odd, hence anything I like is almost certainly on borrowed time.

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Sorry to hear the news. I know how ya feel if it makes you feel any better. Back in Toledo the town favorite department store (Lion) was bought out by Dillards, and people bitched and moaned like it was gonna make a difference. A few things have changed, but I still think of it as the same store, just different name.

oh yeah… AFAICT? what’s that mean?

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As far as I can tell.

Nope, Dillard’s sucks. I used to buy all my clothes from the Lion Store. Now I’m reduced to JCPenney’s or spending the long dollar at Damschroder’s.

What really bugged me was when Bischoff’s Foods closed, they were about the last independent grocery store in town. There’s actually an auto parts store in there now.

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I’m still upset about the fact (as I posted last winter) that in the entire city of Rochester there is no longer a single independent book store.

We had the opposite happen here. Lucky’s is till open, but Albertsons closed up.
Well, I know Albertsons closed, maybe the Lucky changed to ALbertsons. Anyway, don’t worry about no cards, around here Albertson’s was always cheap without the silly card. I don’t know about the generics, though.

It doesn’t affect me much, I go to Vons.

(I miss Acme. Oh, Philadelphia days. :))

Lovers of independant bookstores need to make a pilgrimage to Portland, OR to check out Powell’s books. It’s a fairly independent bookstore that takes up a city block, with the technical section in a seperate building on another city block. It’s about 75% used books, and they pay relatively fair prices for books they buy from customers. Like all things that get big, they have their problems, but are still a mecca for bibliophiles.
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A couple days back in my area [Sand City, Calif] someone posted a bomb threat in Luckys/Albertsons. they cleared the store out. Didn’t find anything.

Must be some jealous customer.

Albertson’s generics aren’t bad. I’d have to say Albie’s is my favorite grocery store. (well except for the one I visited in Vegas that had a row of video poker machines right by the shopping carts).

Their stores are always clean, nice looking, and they have the cool color monitor at the checkout so you can watch you can see the prices of the last 10 or so items that were just rung up, and know you’re not getting ripped off. And they have the plastic shopping carts whose wheels never seem to wobble like the wheels of the metal ones do.