My Mac died - what new Mac should I get?

I mentioned a while ago that my Mac book died . What type of new Mac should I get?

I’m not a power user - main things I use it for are word processing; internet surfing; photos; and iTunes.

Must be a laptop. (oh, andif it’s not already clear, must be a Mac.)

Any Mac is capable of those tasks. Even the Mini is a perfectly nice little machine for a non-power user. A Macbook should be fine. If you want to splurge a little get one with 4gb of RAM.

if the macbook you had suited you, then get another one :slight_smile: the 13" MBP is a little nicer looking, but only you know if the cost premium is worth it.

ETA: and yes, max out the RAM.

I’ve been really happy with my 13" Macbook Air.

Yeah, there’s no ethernet port or DVD drive, but the size and weight savings are pretty nice. It’s a pleasure to use and to carry.

If you want the disc drive and a few other things, then the MBP 13" is also quite nice. I would not get a plastic-body Macbook. I had to replace parts of the case about annually on my old one. Aluminum is much more sturdy.

And, of course, max out the RAM.

Another vote in favor of the aluminum case over plastic.

Another vote for the 13" Air. I got mine a month ago. It’s awesome.

Go for the anti-glare screen, I should have. :frowning:

Based on where we are in the release cycle, Macbook Air. For your use cases, I think the 13" should be ideal. You don’t need lots of storage unless you have a huge music collection or lots of movies; if that’s the case then you want a Macbook Pro.

With the massive profusion of options, it is really difficult to figure out. :wink:

Seriously, I am a “power user” (i.e. I run NumPy/SciPy, some post-processing and visualization apps, and burn DVDs) and I think a standard MacBook would have been more than adequate for my uses. I ended up buying the MacBook Pro only because I wanted a 15" screen, the anti-gloss screen, and additional memory that allows me to run calculations on larger datasets without so much time-consuming writing to disk. (Anything really huge I’d run on a cluster, but I haven’t gotten that far yet with mpi4py or Scientific.MPI). I also like the aluminum chassis, which has proved to be durable despite travel and some unintended abuse.

I believe the Macbook Air can take any external DVD drive you can throw at it, so I wouldn’t just avoid it for its lack of drive unless you are almost always working on stuff that actually needs a disk.

My wild and crazy suggestion is a two-prong approach: get yourself a Mini for at-home use and an iPad for everything else. If your needs are fairly simple, this could be the cheapest, most versatile solution. Plus, iPads are cool! :slight_smile: