My Macbeth Paper

How should I do a critical analysis of the statement that “Macbeth is not a monster?”
This requires a use of sources.

What made Macbeth do the things he did?

Witches, a pushy missus, fate and bloody circumstance.

As far as sources go, are you at a college/university? Have access to a college library? What you need is a search on the Modern Language Association database.

I pretty much have an idea of what to write, it’s just the fact that we need sources for a thing that seems like we shouldn’t.

I’m a wee bit confused by this project. Is it a refutation based on a literary examination of Shakespeare’s play? There should be academic analyses out there that touch on this.

Or is it a refutation of the myths promulgated by Shakespeare of the actual historical king? If so that shouldn’t be hard to dig up either - his history is a little cloudy, but I don’t believe there are any contemporary sources referring to him as a monster of any sort. Just your typical ambitious ruler.

Look at how the “monster or not” issue has been treated by previous critics. Take it from there.