My Mighty Wang and Balls of Power!

Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

[sub]OK, I admit it, I was just watching We Are The 80’s…[/sub]

I am frightened and confused.

I may not be very big around, but at least it’s short.


And of course that should be IT and not I. :rolleyes:

[Joey Tribiani Voice]
Or, would you like to pick a Wicked Wang-O card?
[/Joey Tribiani Voice]

Other than that, I’d like to thank Derleth. I haven’t laughed this hard in a very long time.
BTW- I’d like to qoute from the Necronomicon (Olas Wangius’ Latin translation) Cthulhu and the Great Old One seek to return and reclaim what is theirs. The stone of Mnar will protect you from their servants. But, only the mighty Wang of Derleth can stop the Old One’s themselves. Yea, not Cthulhu-who waits and dreams in the deep, nor Yog-Sothoth-the one in all and all in one, not Ithaqua-the wind walker, not Azathoth-the blind idiot god- none can stand before the power of the dread Wang of Derleth!