My Mighty Wang and Balls of Power!

My wang is godly! It is great! Bow to it!

Your one way wang!

The only reason I’m responding to this thread is due to the title. Move along, nothing to see here…

Wang of Ages! My wang has the power of life and death over Earth’s population!


Has anyone heard of an air shortage in Montana?

Thou shalt know the power of the wang. Accept Derleth as your lord!

Kowtows in abject servitude
There is only one Wang, and Derleth is Its prophet.
There is only one Wang, and Derleth is Its prophet.
(Repeat, ad nauseum.)


Wow. I guess the reason it is dark right now is because your wang must be eclipsing the sun :wink:

Or is that your ego?

is it just me, or are you obsessed with your wang? :wink:

Chung it.

MY wang crushes cities!
MY wang destroys sinners!
MY wang comforts the wangless!

[sub]What has your wang done recently?[/sub]

Check my new wang-enhanced sig!

You really mean you have a 20 year old computer that can do all that?

Your wang wangs like a wanglified wanglification.

That’s some serious wangitude, there.

Wasn’t Wana Wang one of Superman’s girlfwends?

Let me be the first to say


Quiet, Elmer. :wink:

On a related note…

Back in 1981, I worked for the Ball Computer Company (believe it or not, a subsidary of the company that makes Ball Jars) as a quality-control inspector. So I was, officially, a Ball Inspector.

And proud of it. After all, being a Ball Inspector required a lot more intelligence than being a Wang Operator. Any damn fool can operate a Wang.

Wang way or another…I’m gonna wangya wangya wangya…