My modem is sporadically disconnecting.

I am on Windows SP2 and I have an Actiontec GT704-WG modem/router with Verizon High Speed DSL.

For a few weeks now, every night it randomly disconnects itself, the DSL light flashes for awhile, and then reconnects about a minute and a half later. There’s not really any pattern, but it definitely happens every night and pretty much only late at night.

Lately, the internet and the ethernet lights for the ports that are hooked up (my mom’s laptop and my desktop) have been flashing really fast and have been rather faint.

I’ve tried just about every solution I’ve found from my limited google skills, and, if at all possible, I’d like to get this solved without having to call Verizon tech support (the last time it was about a 3 hour long call where I was constantly put on hold and shuffled between people until eventually they decided it was their modem, which they replaced with our current).
It disconnected twice while I was typing this. :frowning:

I had similar problems with my router late last year and on into the first weeks of this year – and it turned out, after I installed a new router etc., that the fault was in the telephone company’s exachange.

You may just have to bite the bullet and call Verizon, and be a nuisance repeat caller until they sort out the problem.