My Mom cited Straight Dope to me!

This morning as we chatted about nothing and sundry, my mother brought over a cup of pull tabs from aluminum cans. She asked me if I’d heard about saving them so that someone would get a dialysis machine. Before I could say anything, she went over to her desk and pulled out a print out of this column to show me that it was bogus, but that my father insisted on saving them “just in case”

No, I didn’t tell her about this board - last thing I need is worries that my mom would learn all the twisted and lurid details about her first-born. Still, I thought it was neato beyond words that she’d found her answer here. I took the liberty of telling her about snopes too - I’m going to add it to her Favorites list.

So, anyway, I just had to share. Obviously, my Mom has her stuff together - yay Mom!

Is it any wonder I’m the terrific person that I am?!? :smiley:

Go FairyChatGrandmom!

::tattletale singsong::

I’m gonna tell your mommy.

I think it is great that your Mom checked this out before combing the neighborhood for more pop tops. I had to drag my Mom kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but she has adjusted well. Dad, on the other hand…

Well, we could always tell FairyChatGrandma about the batteries…

jayjay (running faster than punha)

ummm, no, jayjay, methinks she doesn’t care about batteries. Incidentally, he lied, oh yes he did! sheesh


That’s pretty cool. I just hope to God my mom never finds this site. As if I didn’t get enough shit for not going to Church anymore, to think of what she’d get on at me about if she read a hundredth of what I’ve posted here.

At my office, I see these little cardboard “houses” set up on the can & bottle recycling bins to collect those pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald house.

And people actually put the pull tabs in them, too. Doesn’t anyone stop to think that if the pull tab is useful, the whole can would be more useful? Sheesh.

I always heard that the pull tab was of a ‘higher grade’ of aluminum, whatever that means, and so was worth more than the rest of the can.

It made partial sense at the time, but now I see it as what it is: Shit.