My Mom, Her Knee, the Hospitial

This is neither mundane or pointless but I have to talk about it.

On 7/25 my mother went into Hackensack Medical Center to have her knee replaced again. She had the knee replaced last year but the surgeon did not do it correctly. The doctor she had this time is reported to be the best in the state. Her operation went fine or so we thought. On Tuesday she discovered she can not move the toes in her left foot and she has very little feeling in the foot itself. After a CAT Scan and XRAY they do not know why she is having this problem. They are hoping it may be from the swelling and when it goes down the problem will resolve itself.

Positive thoughts would be appreciated

I had my elbow replaced at that same hospital—I don’t suppose Dr. Holden operated on your Mom?

Having had some experience with that kind of surgery (both myself and my own mother), I am betting that in a few days the swelling will indeed go down and she’ll be fine—though undoubtedly in a lot of pain.

My wife had problems like that for at least a week after her knee replacement. Everything work fine now.

No time to panic.

No a Dr Heartsfield or something like that

Let’s stay positive and hope for the best outcome. I had complications with sensation and pain in my foot/ankle for 2 weeks after my hip replacement. As I increased my activity, the swelling went down and the sensation returned to normal. It’s good that they have done the tests to rule out something like nerve damage or bone infection. Best of luck to you and your mom - beckwall

I don’t know anything about this type of surgery, but I’m sure sending out good vibes for your mom.