My Mom is being published in Newsweek!

Last fall my mom wrote an essay about how Mr. Jeeves and I are planning on moving to Canada when I finish my degree becuase of American laws regarding same-sex marriage. She submitted the article to Newseek for their My Turn section, and at the time I thought that was it.

Well, a little over 2 weeks ago NW called her, and said they wanted to publish it. After signing the contract, and having her picture taken by a photographer they flew out from NY!, it will be in this up-coming weeks NW. And the article is up on the website today! Here is a link to the article.

How Exciting!

One thing, I would expect with a photographer out from NY, they could get a better picture, but the picture they used makes her look puffy. And thats not just a sons defense, Mr. Jeeves agrees with me that she does not normally look like that.

Hugs to your mom from me!

Kudos to your mom. Thank her for me. And not knowing her, I think she looks great in the photo.

Congrats to your mom for getting the article published. It was well done!

I think it is horrifying that our states are writing discrimination into our state constitutions. Even worse that these small minded people want it written into THE Constitution. The Constitution is for guaranteeing rights, not taking them away.

Just like 40 years ago, some states had laws on the books making it illegal for blacks and whites to marry. Nowadays it just seems ridiculous that that could have been. I hope in the near future, this time of small minds and hateful people will be looked upon with same feelings. How could that have been? we will say one day.

Best of luck to you on your degree and that you find the happiness you deserve in Canada.

Your mother has a great way with words, and sounds like a wonderful person - you are one lucky dude to have a mother like that!

Please have her forward that letter to Hillary and McCain and a few other people who will be stumping around the country in the next few years.

February 28th, my partner and I will be together for 26 years now - whereas my younger brother has been married and divorced 8 times, and my older brother 4 times. Let’s talk sanctity of marriage, OK? I have been with my partner longer than my brothers were with their 12 wives combined! Even they admit my partner and I have a better relationship than they ever had.

Again, tell your mom thanks for the letter!

(And don’t keep us in suspense - let’s see that photo of you with the pink hair…)

A mother to be proud of for sure. And a son too.

P.S.: I, also, once had pink hair (and once blue).

Bring your mom, too. We’d love to have her.

You evil Canadians…import our best Queer folk and export Celine Dion…shame on you.

I think your mom looks fine, and while I understand your reasons for wanting to bail on the “good ol’ US of A,” I really wish you wouldn’t. Not until the pinheads realize that gays aren’t going to go away, can there be any real change. Still, you have to do what you think is best. Good luck to you, Mr. Jeeves, and your mom.

You have an awesome mom. :slight_smile:

Sorry we’ll be losing you after college – maybe you’ll be able to move back someday if this country ever sees the light on same-sex marriage.

That is such a wonderfully well-written article. Congratulations to your mother, Jeeves. And yes, she looks fine in the photo! :slight_smile:

Conratulations. Best wishes on your move to the land of the free.


Yes, bring your Mom, too. It’s a rough world these days, and we need all the smart people we can get.

Nitpick: Cameron’s name was not capitalised in the first sentence of the linked essay. I know your Mom wouldn’t make that error, so obviously there was a problem in the magazine’s web-transcription department.

Your mom is truly Doperrific.

Wow. What a well-written piece.

Best luck on your move, and congratulations on your marriage!

The article seems to imply this is more than a year or two away. Start getting rid of stuff now, trust me. Hauling crap in a move sucks.

That was awesome! And kudos to your mom for speaking out.

My dad wrote a similar letter to the editor (but only to our local paper) in defense of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts after I got sober, in response to a nasty editorial. I was so proud that my dad would “out himself” on our behalf!

I was wondering about that. It’s a very glaring error.

That was a fantastic article. And your mom looked great!! :slight_smile:

Excellent. Reminds me of this blockbuster 2000 letter to the editor which you may recall.