My mom is having a partial thyroidectomy tomorrow and I'm scared

I checked in with her Sunday. She is recovering well. She isn’t allowed to drive for another couple of days. She’s mostly feeling OK, other than intermittent bouts of nausea, which she believes is an after affect of the surgery anesthesia (probably true, I have no idea.)

I did ask her what her wound (It can’t possibly be a scar yet; she was just cut less than a week ago) looked like. I was happy to hear her use some gallows humor - “It looks like somebody tried to slit my throat ;)”

Not that I like that idea, or image, but joking about means she’s OK.

She did get the final, definitive results from the biopsy today - the early results agree with the definitive results: There was no cancer, just a benign growth. Sigh. I’m still kinda pissed at everything that made her think surgery was necessary, but at least she has some closure here. I just hope she lives another happy, healthy 20 years.