My Museum

If Britney Spears can have one, why not me?

I’ve been thinking about what I could put in my museum. How about you? My only rule is that it has to be something you actually possess. So here are my contributions to the museum at Kunilouland.

The first baseman’s mitt I bought in 7th grade for baseball, even though I only played one game, and that was in the outfield, for one inning, because one guy got hurt and we didn’t have anyone else on the bench.

My divorce papers from my first marriage. The already-filled out but not dated divorce petition Mrs. Kunilou’s friend the lawyer gave her as a wedding present.

My college beer tankard.

My 1948 model Underwood typewriter

My first computer, an Atari 400 (I couldn’t even give that one away)

Rare photographs:
My older sister in a slip, getting dressed, followed by the photo of my older sister in a slip beating the crap out of me.
My house growing up. Well, actually, the garage of my house. Well, actually, the rear end of my father’s 1953 Studebaker.
700 baby photos of my first-born. Three baby photos of the twins.

A genuine 45 rpm copy of Eight Days a Week by the Beatles, the first record I ever bought.

An audio recording of “Great Spot '76” from my radio career, the commercial parody to end all commercial parodies.

A paint-by-the-numbers Parisian street scene won at an arcade in Lake of the Ozarks when the entire family decided to play 10 cent Ski-Ball until we got 1,000 tickets. Customized with a brass plate that reads “Ooh-La-La.”

The never-completed manuscript of “50 Days in Hell” the novelized memoirs of my summer in Europe.

How about you?

Actually, when I heard “Britney Spears Museum” I thought about the diorama showing the Creataceous period, when BritneySpearsaurus ruled the Earth.

You ain’t no Britney, so get over it.


The person who posted so rudely to you is an imposter troll, please check the post counts, the real dpr has over 400 posts.