"My Name is Earl" -- 5/1/2008 episode


I thought this was a terrific episode… this and the April 17 episode (Earl and Randy’s dad help them make a marijuana buy to save their mom) were both great. Looks like the show got its mojo back. I laughed more at these two Earl episodes than I have in a long time.

Favorite lines:
“Do I have time to dress?”
“Yes… but no bra or panties.”

“I think she’s gonna lo…BIRD!”

“I love Jack Russell terriers!”

Blocked at work. Can you post it?


I hope that they return to the Randy/Catalina thing soon. Randy makes the show for me.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Randy and Catalina get back together, myself!

A little Randy goes a long way with me. But having Catalina (or Joy, preferably) to tone him down is acceptable.

I’ve done a little looking on various sites, but have been unable to come up with a status for Randy and Catalina’s marriage.

I liked the episode now that they have Earl out of prison and a coma… :rolleyes:

I guess it’s good the show isn’t following a formula and is trying to innovate, but I’m starting to get a Lost sort of vibe where the writers are sort of making it up as they go along. The more they add to the story and backstories the more fantastic it becomes.

Still a great show though.